Wire Your Brain for Happiness

Wire your brain to happiness

On a day to day basis, the majority of people are not able to stay happy but that might change if they learn how to wire their brains for happiness. That means the positive experiences of humans would last longer than they do now. Without this mental training, happy thoughts do not last long enough to be encrypted into a human brain’s natural wiring. But since people  just naturally tend to focus on all the negative experiences, those thoughts hang around making everyone feel worse. Positive and negative feelings use different memory organizations in the brain, researchers have discovered and positive emotions do not relocate as effortlessly to anyone’s long-term memory.

It seems that people are set up to look for the bad stuff. Such negativity bias makes human brains react very strongly to any type of bad news, compared to how individuals respond to good news. Researchers have found that long-lasting, strong, relationships need at least a five to one percentage of positive to negative exchanges just to be able to survive and give each person happiness. This is because negative communications affect people so much more deeply. The human brain has evolved to be on the look-out continuously for any kind of danger, and when it finds what it believes is a threat, it will segregate it and focus on that bad thought, therefore losing any attention on the big picture still around.

In order to stop this, researchers have looked into “hardwiring happiness” into the brain. This is to take in what is good, enjoy even life’s smallest joyful times and try and linger on them as much as possible. This can help improve the programming of passing mental feelings into lasting traits. This is vital to how people can get good thoughts into their heads and help them stay there longer. Individuals need to make passing happy moments into long passionate memories.

Wire your brain for happiness

Everyone has good times every day, no matter how tiny or outwardly unimportant they might appear to be. These events can be very influential in changing one’s viewpoint. However, in order to this, human beings must be willing to actually take time to enjoy these small moments of happiness and increase their concentration and memory length by thinking about them for longer periods of time which then can “wire” these joyful little events into the brain.

When anyone begins to appreciate and make the most of the minor, positive experiences in their lives, there is a feeling of safety and happiness inside. People feel like they are loved, respected, and liked. People can lose their lack of self-confidence. It is falling by the way side because individuals are getting feelings of good things inside instead of bad. All that needs to be done is focus on positive experiences with the greatest personal feeling one can muster up.

People have three vital needs and those are for safety, connection and satisfaction. If someone has an issue where he or she has a safety concern such as a health scare, they would look for positive things that help boost their feelings toward them getting better. People need to really open up their eyes and see what is around them.

The secret to happiness might be as easy or as hard as paying attention to something good. That alone can bring joy if people will allow it.

It is easy to pay attention to unhappy things, which come in the guise of anger, anxiety, depression and criticism. However one way to make more lasting happy memories in the brain, is to make a concentrated effort to notice the small things in life every day. Hopefully people will one day say their brains are just naturally wired for happiness.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

Washington Times

Huffington Post


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