Xbox One and PlayStation 4 Technically the Same? [Video]

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In the latest issue of Edge Magazine Shinji Mikami, creator of Resident Evil, made a comment about the hardware of the Xbox One and the PlayStation 4 having the same technical prowess. “There’s no real difference between them. We only need one console. Why do I have to make two versions of a game? And when Xbox One was first announced it had lower specs than the PS4, but now they’re almost identical. So either will do.”

Keiji Inafune, most known as the illustrator and co-designer of Mega Man, has also told Edge Magazine “I don’t think there’s a major difference between them.” In the past other developers have said that the PS4 is greater terms of power. Developers that made such comments have decided to remain anonymous. Since such comments were made, the Xbox One has become more powerful in what it is capable of achieving.

Mikami is currently working on the upcoming horror title The Evil Within which is also said to be his the last project that he will ever direct. You can find the trailer at the bottom of the article. Mikami no doubt has his hands full with trying to make his last project the best he can, he likely doesn’t want to deal with problems such as what consoles his game will make it to. From his perspective such problems probably get in the way of solving much bigger problems such as gameplay elements and other important factors that will play a big role in The Evil Within.

A statement from such a prestigious developer like this in not something Microsoft or Sony want to hear. Without being able to play  these systems, gamers currently have no choice but to rely on the words of others to vouch for the validity of each system. With such a strong voice claiming that it is pointless to have both, the higher-ups are no doubt unhappy. Considering how close it is to release it is unlikely that either the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 would be able to upgrade their hardware now.

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Honestly, if both consoles are so similar in terms of what they can do that is a great thing for developers because it means there is more of a possibility that the hardware won’t be a problem when trying to make games for multiple consoles. Good news for developers usually means good news for gamers. If exclusives become no longer exclusive due to hardware then this would be great news for gamers that can only afford either the Xbox One or the PlayStation 4 however, the reason for console exclusives usually isn’t linked to hardware so this may only be a tiny victory for gamers.

The power of the technology in these systems is only one aspect of them, the features and games are also dramatically set these consoles apart. Will it matter to you if you can use your real name instead of a profile name on PlayStation 4? Gamers are different and have different preferences. If the Xbox One has the same technical capabilities as the PlayStation 4 it may put up more of a fight in the upcoming console wars. Will it make a difference? Does it make a difference to you?


Written By: Garrett Jutte



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