YouTube Dancing Video Tells Woman’s Boss She Quits (Video)

YouTube Dancing Video Helps Woman to Quit her Job

A YouTube dancing video of resignation helped a woman tell her boss that she quit and it has gone viral. The woman dancing in the video is the same one who wanted to leave her position. She is Marina Shifrin and she called her “I quit” video: An Interpretive Dance for my Boss set to Kanye West’s Gone.

Shifrin worked for Next Video Animation and she says that she’s a comic, babysitter, and a novelist who worked for an “awesome company” that produced news videos. But she was dissatisfied with her boss’s emphasis on quantity versus quality and she made the “little video” to explain how she felt about the “awesome company’s” focus on views instead of value.

The 25 year-old woman shot the video at 4:30 in the morning dancing to the Kanye West song Gone. She has captions throughout the video that tell her story. At the end the final caption says “I quit.” She then turns out the lights in the deserted office.

The video was posted on September 28 this year and it has already had over six million views on YouTube. Her dancing resignation where she tells her boss she quits, has garnered not only a lot of views, but a lot of fans as well.

She has also received at least one offer of employment.

The creativity of this young woman in making this video is something that cannot be denied. She explains that she wasn’t happy about having to ignore poor quality content for the news videos that the company were producing. She also felt she could not continue compromising her personal integrity.

While some people have questioned her wisdom in making this video, other’s have praised her apparent creativity. But it has been pointed out that prospective employers may hesitate to hire her after seeing the video.

Still others see it as a selling point. Scott Gilmore,the CEO of Building Markets, has been trying to figure out a way to hire Shifrin for his company.

Ms Shifrin started working at the company, Next Media Animation back in March 2012. She started working in the USA offices and then moved to the Taipei offices November last year. She said that the company’s management were not overly “thrilled” with her at the moment.

She is not too bothered about their reaction as she was planning on leaving after her year-long contract was up in a month’s time anyway. She felt that her dancing resignation could point folks to her stand up comic side, which she wanted to concentrate on.

After Marina made the video last week she shared it with her parents and a few friends. She then changed the video’s status to public on YouTube and emailed the video’s link to the Gawker website after she got into an argument with her boss.

Shifrin said that the video was meant to force her to make a choice about finding a “creative career path.”

But according to different employment “experts” she may find it difficult to find another job. Her ex-boss, Michael Logan, came forward to explain that yes he did care about view counts because that was how the company got paid from advertisers. But Logan also claimed that they gave Marina a chance to be creative but that she never took them up on their offers.

Netizens are mixed on just how they see Shifrin’s video. Some believe she is a sort of hero and other’s believe that she’s committed career suicide. But with at least one offer of work already, it looks like the latter feeling is groundless.

We’ve included the YouTube dancing resignation video below so you can see the young woman tell her boss that she’s quitting. Marina Shifrin may be between jobs at the moment, but she’s being seen as a hero by many people who feel the same way about their jobs. We think that, if nothing else, the video is very entertaining.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom


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