YouTube Halloween LED Toddler Costume Goes Viral (Video)

YouTube Halloween LED Costume Goes Viral

YouTube Halloween LED Costume Goes Viral

A Huntington Beach, California man uploaded a YouTube video of his toddler running around in a Halloween LED costume and the video has gone viral. Royce Hutain made the costume out of LED lights for his 22 month-old girl, Zoey. He simply copied an earlier design which he had used to create LED costumes for his snowboarding friends. We have included the video of Zoey at end of this article.

Hutain, explained that as he sat in front of a computer all day, he had plenty of time to think of these sort of things. He said, “I get bored.” His boredom, however, has spawned a video that has gone wild on the Google owned site.

On Tuesday night, the proud papa, posted his video to YouTube of his daughter Zoey running up an down a darkened area in her LED Halloween suit. By Thursday, the video has had well over three million views and rising.

Hutain spoke to local station KCAL9 and told reporter Stacey Butler that literally hundreds of people have commented on the video. He said that the video just went “crazy.” Most of the comments, according to Zoey’s father, were about buying his daughter’s costume.

The creative Halloween costume maker said that he did not have time to attempt to make money off the popularity of his child’s LED outfit. He did say that he wouldn’t mind putting up another YouTube video to show folks how to make the costume.

It may well be that Hutain puts his LED tutorial online fairly soon. Halloween is just around the corner and he said that he would love to see other parents making videos of their children’s LED outfits. Although, it actually sounds like Hutain would love to see anyone’s LED costume, adult or child as he did actually say that he would love to see “videos of other people doing it.”

With trick-or-treat only as far away as Oct. 31, toddler Zoey is ready to join the other kids on Halloween. She even got to do a “dry” run on the sand and she tried out some of her most impressive moves. One man who watched the toddler dance about in the suit said that she looked more like a “robot” than a real child.

While Zoey paraded on Huntington Beach Pier, she was the center of attention. One resident said that she looked like a glow stick figure. The same resident revealed that they thought some big company had made a “new toy” and that the resident did not, at first, realise that it was a child.

In the 22 second long video on YouTube, Toddler Zoey is happily running up and down in the darkened area. Her delighted shrieks letting everyone know just how excited she is with her LED Halloween costume. Zoey’s father, Royce, has said on the YouTube channel that he will be uploading another video of her running around in different locations. He also says that she clearly loves wearing her LED suit. Obviously everyone else loves seeing her in the costume, going by the amount of views that this viral video has. You can see Zoey in the video below.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom