11 Year Old North Carolina Boy Chained in Social Services Supervisor Home

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In a story to get blood boiling for many, a North Carolina pair of foster “parents” were arrested Friday, after a local animal control deputy found a boy chained to a porch. The shivering cold 11-year-old was also forced to wear a dead chicken from his neck. A neighbor contacted the animal control agency after they complained of noises of a pig running unchained near their property.

Picture of chicken and string foster son was forced to wear
Picture of chicken and string foster son was forced to wear

Dorian Lee Harper and Wanda Sue Larson, who are 57-years-old, have been charged with a list of offenses after their foster son was saved. Disgustingly, it is Larson who works for Union County’s Social Services agency, as a supervisor. The 11-year-old boy who was unchained and placed immediately into warmth, is the fifth foster children that had entered the nightmarish home of Harper and Lee.

Eddie Cathey, the Sheriff of Union County was disturbed, shocked and ready to “pursue it to its fullest extent” of charges against the pair. ¬†Once the deputy arrived, Harper stepped onto the porch and asked him his business. The deputy displayed his identification and demanded to know why the child was chained. Another child inside of the residence opened the door and hoard of dogs rushed the deputy. Knowing the numbers were against them, the deputy retreated to his cruiser to call for back up against the astounding North Carolina foster parents. During the call, Harper put the child in the home and the chicken was left on the porch.

Once back-up arrived, the deputies paired and entered the home and received a shock. Five pairs of young eyes looked at them as the foster children were gathered in one room. Between the ages of 8 and 14 years-old-old, the children were immediately secured by deputies and promptly removed from the home. Deputies arrested Harper, they inquired of Larson and arrested her promptly. The couple sit in the Union County jail held under bails of $500,000 for Harper and $525,000 for Larson.

The reports suggest Harper and Larson will be charged with false imprisonment and child abuse inflicting serious injury. In addition, a curious charge appeared on the report of cruelty to animals, which means one or both of the adults were abusing the animals on their land as well. Harper will also be charged with a failure to discharge her duty as a standing public official for Union County. It appears more charges against the couple will be reviewed.

u.s., north carolina, abuse, foster, 11 year old, larson, harper, social services
Home of Larson and Harper where the 11-year-old was discovered chained in freezing temperatures

¬†Authorities stated it appeared Harper and Larson were accustomed to handcuffing and chaining the 11-year-old boy in and outside of the home. Unnamed authorities advised upon entering the home, the whole unit was considered unsanitary – including human waste discovered on many parts of the floors of the home. Cathey is accumulating information to determine how long the abuse has been occurring and to its depths. The Sheriff is also trying to understand how a supervisor for the county’s social services unit was able to conclude business with the nightmares happening under her roof.

For now, an 11-year-old boy and the other children are safe. The children were transferred to an undisclosed agency outside of Union County within North Carolina. As the children are now safe, neighbors are beginning to point their fingers to lack of oversight on the county and state as a whole. A neighbor stated the couple had various farm animals running around from pigs to donkeys. The neighbor described the couple as recluses and denied visits from anyone who walked on their property.

Cathey described the house as a pure hell with human and animal waste on the floor, and trash scattered around the rooms. Once the deputies entered the home, they reported it was hard to breath in the home due to the level of rot. The investigation is on-going as authorities try to wrap their head around a supervisor of Social Services allowing and participating in chaining an 11-year-old and hanging dead poultry from his neck. The nation will be waiting with stilled breath to wait for the court date. More details are expected to surface, and potentially greater issues for North Carolina to determine how not any one agency, was aware of foster parents issuing harsh punishments against children in a home of filth.


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