Aaron Rodgers Confirms Broken Collarbone

 Aaron Rodgers Confirms Broken Collarbone

Monday Night Mishap!

It’s a sad day at Lambeau Field, as Packers’ fans face the loss of their quarterback, from his Monday night fracture, indefinitely. Rodgers was injured within moments of the rivalry game, and never returned to his place amongst his teammates. Mystery shrouded the injury initially, leaving the whole football world wondering about the severity of this particular season changer. And a season changer, it has proven to be. Without their 9-year veteran for the interim, the Packers will be forced to look to their back-up, Seneca Wallace, a former Seahawk to null the void left by Rodgers. If Monday was any indication, the gap Rodgers is leaving on this team will be a hard one to fill.

Since 2005, when he was drafted, Aaron Rodgers has led the Pack to three years of playoffs, one of which ended in a Superbowl victory, against the nearly indomitable Pittsburgh Steelers. Rodgers stepped up into the starting quarterback position after Brett Favre’s mock retirement, and has dominated the position, ever since. It’s hard not to expect a quarterback under the tutelage of a legend such as Favre to do so, quite frankly. The poise he has displayed in the pocket will be missed for the next three to six weeks, as the determined and dedicated fans watch and wait.

Rumors have surrounded the injured quarterback, who appears to be taking it all in stride. The Twitterverse was aflutter with its predictable unfounded speculation, as the Cheddars waited for news of their leader, both on the field and off of it. Surely, this turn of events has put a damper on the play-off hopes of this once promising season and team.

It is undoubted that the Packers were counting on Rodgers to continue to deliver, as he has the last four years and in this season; where he has thrown for 15 TD passes, and a cumulative 2,218 yards. Seneca Wallace’s stats are not as impressive, even when one considers that he is the back-up and therefore, doesn’t spend as much time on the field.

If the loss of Rodgers continues beyond the “normal” healing period, Green Bay’s chances of a Superbowl, or post-season run, don’t look very good. Fans can only hope and pray to the gods of silly head-wear, that Aaron Rodgers pulls through this tough injury as quickly as possible, so that he may continue to serve his team in as he has in the past, with tenacity, precision, and professionalism.

Without Rodgers, Wallace will surely be an easy target for sacks and interceptions. Getting through this injury, the offensive line will be forced to step up their protection for the 5’11” replacement. It is unlikely that Rodgers will be able to return until mid-December, or so, based on previous similar injuries. The Packers have a game scheduled against the Detroit Lions on Thanksgiving Day, so the fans, players, and certainly coaches, hope to see this bone healed, by that time. Until then, Rodgers’ condition is up in the air, with optimism for his speedy recovery gently guiding it through the cold, Wisconsin Sundays.

By Julia Cassey

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