Amazon Kindle eBook Free and More Great Black Friday Deals

Amazon KindleThere are still announcements made about the different Black Friday Amazon Kindle deals. One of those is a free eBook about the shopping day itself. However, this free eBook for the Amazon Kindle is not the only great Black Friday deal of the week.

The eBook aptly named The Black Friday 2013 Handbook is written just for people looking to snatch up the best deal online. Author Juliana Yates writes about all the tips for shopping on the day, finding the best deal on certain items and ideas for gifts ready for Christmas that people can get from the sales.

Regularly priced at $2.99, the electronic book will be available for free until Friday. It is available on Amazon’s own website and works on various devices, as well as the new Amazon Kindle Fire and a range of iPads and computers that have the Kindle app.

Amazon regularly offers great deals for Black Friday and even offers a price match against some of the big American stores. This year, it will price match any of the Walmart stores for their doorstopper deals. It has also matched some of the pre-Friday sales, including selling batches of Playstation 4 and Xbox One games for just $49. Of course, Walmart is among the many stores price matching against the online retail giant.

The free eBook on Amazon Kindle is definitely not the only great deal this Black Friday. The retail giant has also confirmed that there will be a 20% discount, at least, on all laptops running Windows 8. Most people may want to get their hands on a tablet computer, but there are still many benefits to owning a laptop device.

Smartphones are also things people want, and Amazon is not disappointing. One of the latest announcements is the Samsung Galaxy S III, which will be available without a contract from Virgin Mobile or Boost Mobile. There is a monthly fee, but it is possible to choose not to pay for a month and not have to deal with bad credit ratings or late fees. The device will not work until a payment is made, suiting those who regularly travel for business and find their American phone useless.

Even UK customers are benefitting from the Black Friday sales, despite not celebrating Thanksgiving and never following the Black Friday trend. This year sees a number of great offerings, from DVD boxsets to SatNavs, watches and nail kits. The deals will continue for a week, making it the time for many to look out for the perfect Christmas gift.

There are many more great Black Friday deals this year with the free Amazon Kindle eBook. Some of them include cameras, Bluetooth speakers and televisions. It is going to be a busy time of year and the free eBook is likely worth downloading. Check it for all the tips for making the most of the day and stopping it from ruining Thanksgiving for the family. It also offers great gift ideas ready for Christmas next month.

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