American Music Awards Best Performances

American Music Awards

Music award ceremonies always promise hilarious and dazzling performances by famous artists, but the American Music Awards has also been no stranger to both good and bad performances. On the list to perform this year are One Direction, Jennifer Lopez, Miley Cyrus and Pitbull. Here is a list of the American Music Awards best performances over the years (in no particular order).

1. Lady Gaga: Bad Romance

Lady Gaga has often been criticized for her outlandish performances and provocative clothing. Many artists have found themselves over time to be unable to perform as well in front of a live audience, especially when having to move around and dance. At the American Music Awards in 2009, Lady Gaga pulled off an amazing rendition of her song “Bad Romance” and proved that underneath many of the gimmicks she tends to use, she really has a voice.

2. Michael Jackson: We are the world

In 1986, the King of Pop and many other celebrities took over the stage and sang together in a moving performance. It wasn’t the showy, glamorous stuff that usually goes on at these events. It was just beautiful. People came together to do no more than sing a charitable song, and it was truly inspiring.

3. Pink: Try

This punk princess took the stage in 2012 and created a show of body paint and gymnasts while singing her uncharacteristically-slow song “Try.”  The singer made a wonderful effort–and succeeded–to remake her video in front of a live audience. She basically recreated a living room and did a complicated and well-rehearsed dance on stage that brought people to their feet. This performance definitely deserves to be on the list of American Music Award Best Performances.

4. Beyonce: Single Ladies

If there ever was a surprise at the American Music Awards, it was Beyonce’s rendition of her own song “Single Ladies.” In this performance, she led the song with a guitar-tune instead of a pure hip hop beat. It still was the same dance everyone had come to learn, but she really made the performance pop with the jingle change. If there ever was doubt that Beyonce was going to be able to stay fresh, that performance killed it.

5. Ke$ha: Die Young

Ke$ha didn’t disappoint with her flashy performance. As has always been her style, she took to the stage in 2012 and used bright colors, paint, and neon lights as she sang her hit single “Die Young.” The singer was her usual glittery and provocative self, making everyone in the crowd both single along and dance a little in their seats.

Tonight’s performances may or may not live up to these standards. All of the upcoming artists have had onstage mishaps in the past, especially Miley Cyrus and Jennifer Lopez. Perhaps this will be the year that all of the performances will be excellent, making an American Music Awards best Performances list hard to make. With Miley Cyrus claiming that she wouldn’t be doing anything gut-wrenching this year, it looks like it could be a possibility.

The show will come on tonight at 8, and the show will be opened with a performance from pop princess Katy Perry.

By: Hend Salah


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