Apple Inc. iPhone 5S Unlocked No SIM, China Mobile Deal and More Good News

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Global travelers for work or family reasons are accustomed to sighing over international roaming plans, as they consider their next trip; Apple Inc. is now phasing into another zone of appreciation.  Instead of just being sold with a T-Mobile SIM, Apple Inc. is offering a new unlocked, no SIM card iPhone 5S. This intention is made with global travelers in mind. For customers who have local carriers in their selected travel paths, this opens a greater concept of cost-savings. It has been a good week for Apple Inc.; speculation is uncovering China Mobile may be in talks with Apple and the company is expected to see a boost to its checking account, without the help of any one consumer.

Apple Inc. iPhone 5S Pricing Model

The price of an unlocked device is not cheap and many customers were not happy with being forced into a T-Mobile SIM with an attached plan. Certainly, once received – a consumer could cancel services and turn to another provide, but that lost points for convenience for consumers forking out up to $849 for the phone. There are still exceptions to the benefit of this new feature. The phone is supported only on GSM technology, which means a negative for use on the Sprint and Verizon CDMA network. This is a big plus for the largest GSM carrier, AT&T – as it can drive sales for domestic pre-paid and post-paid plans once travelers return back home.

The Apple Inc. store sells all three colors; Gold, Silver and Space Gray with a 2-year contract, unlocked with T-Mobile SIM and now unlocked with no SIM.  The 2-year contract is priced from $199 for the 16GB, $299 for the 32GB and $399 for the 64GB. The unlocked pricing remains the same, regardless customers are selecting a phone with or without a SIM. The 16GB version is $649, the 32GB is $749 and the 64GB $849 for purchase. Travelers are elated with the idea of having complete control over their desired phone choices, to some degree – within the GSM network. This begins a review of Apple’s good news week.

Good Week for Apple Inc.

The innovative leader of technology is feeling pretty good this week, as a Silicon Valley jury decided to award Apple Inc. an additional $290 million more in damages. Straight from the stinging pockets of Samsung. Altogether, that means Samsung is facing a hefty $930 million dollar infringement invoice, payable to one smiling Apple.  While Android fans may be wincing at the news, this writer is pretty sure Samsung will survive. The largest Android manufacturer reported $47 billion in liquid assets and in 2012 reported a revenue of over $240 billion.

In addition to pleasing their dedicated buyers and seeing a generous legal donation from Samsung, Apple is also popping the champagne bottles. Or maybe pouring a hot sake. Rumors suggest the world’s largest telecommunications carrier, China Mobile Limited, is looking to release a brand new concept for its service mid-December. Rumors suggest the carrier’s new brand will be none other than the iPhone 5S. CEO of Apple Inc., Tim Cook has made frequent visits to China Mobile’s headquarters, sparking rumors of a handshake deal. This would mean formulating the iPhone 5S to China’s mobile standard, the TD-LTE standard.

What is TD-LTE? It is an acronym for Time-Division Long-Term Evolution. A 4G technology that is intended for networks overseas, specifically China and other select Asian markets. The technology is new, approved within the last several years and invested majorly by China Mobile. It is a data happy network that relies more on the effort of transmissions from the tower to the phone for connectivity, rather than phone to tower. Manufacturers like HTC and LG have enjoyed the factor of working with the Chinese standard and now it seems Apple Inc. may be gaining another standard traction.

Apple Inc. on Winning Streak

Apple Inc. released their 2013 fourth quarter fiscal, financial results late last month. The company posted a quarterly net profit of $7.5 billion. Apple has sold over 33 million iPhone units, not including the 14.1 million iPad units sold in the quarter. Cook is elated with the strong figures and sees the company heading strong into the new year.

Apple Inc. experienced a fantastic week. From taking a financial chunk from their biggest competitor, boosting interest in a possible China Mobile Deal and offering the no SIM, unlocked iPhone 5S – it seems they are finding their footing again. Impressed with how Apple Inc. took care of business? Let us know in the comments.

Tim Cook? Oh yeah, he's winning
Tim Cook? Oh yeah, he’s winning


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