Bieber Graffiti Gets Government Official and Hotel Owners Arguing

Bieber Graffiti Gets Goverment Official and Hotel Owners Arguing
Justin Bieber’s graffiti has now raised issue of contention between Mayor Tom Tate, of the city of Gold Coast in Australia and the owners of the QT Hotel in Surfers Paradise. The Mayor has told Bieber to clean up the mess of graffiti he made on the Australian walls of the hotel, and personally delivered a “clean-up kit” to the QT Hotel for Bieber.

According to reports, the mayor is appalled by the fluorescent scribbles of graffiti spray-painted by Bieber on the walls of the Australian hotel and “ordered” Bieber and QT Hotel to clean it up, or paint over it, but to remove it. The mayor argued on Thursday that the last thing Australia wants is graffiti “glorified” and the other youths, assuming this is something they too will do.

Too late though, noticed Mayor Tate when he arrived at the hotel. Bieber had already checked-out of the hotel by the time he delivered the clean-up kit. Bieber was busy posting the images of his artwork on Instagram. So the mayor got on Twitter and directly tweeted Bieber, himself.

@justinbieber Glad you had a great time on Australia’s #goldcoast. Hope to see you back soon to clean up your mess. Make me a #belieber.

Apparently, Tate is not the only Australian government official upholding that stance. Queensland’s Attorney General Jarrod Bleijie stated to reporters that he would be very disappointed if Bieber had no permission to do this, because Justin Bieber is recognized by many young people as a role model.

Opposing the Australian government are the hotel owners. They responded that because the hotel is on private property the local government has no authority to order the graffiti removed.

A spokesman for the local government replied via The Gold Coast Bulletin newspaper, saying, “It might be on private land, but it’s in prominent public view.”

The hotel owners took to the hotel’s Facebook page on Wednesday and posted their response to this matter. They uploaded a photo of Bieber’s artwork and stated that they “absolutely” gave Bieber “approval” to paint his graffiti on the walls of their hotel, adding, “He asked, and we said YES.”

While Bieber’s graffiti has government official and hotel owners arguing over it, the hotel later returned another statement to make clear its point:

“This piece of art is now available to be viewed by fans of the artist and we believe that it is a wonderful addition to the colorful Gold Coast arts scene.”

One of Bieber’s fans told 7News that Bieber is “expressing himself through art. This is just a little thing like graffiti. It’s not a big deal.”

To the mayor, it is a big deal. Tate wrote a letter to QT Hotel, asserting that if the graffiti could be, seen, from public spaces, the city could insist on the removal of it.

Hotel owners have no idea what Tate is referring to. The owners point out that the hotel is “not accessible from public land.”

Thus far, QT Hotel paints Bieber as “an excellent guest” of the hotel, and wants to highlight graffiti as art-form and offer other artists a wall upon which to design their work, providing those shared samples win the favor of the judges selecting the best work-of-art.

As Bieber’s graffiti gets government officials and hotel owners arguing, the Bieber is still on tour with more performances scheduled for Friday and Saturday in Sydney.

By Christina L. Ibbotson


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