Black Friday Changes in 2013 to Make the Most From the Season

Black Friday

Black Friday is almost here. In past years, it took time to shop for the best deals and then wait until your items arrive after purchasing online. The 2013 holiday shopping season sees some changes to Black Friday deals so you can make the most of this season’s must-haves. Get ready to get all your most wanted items right now.

Walmart Starts Black Friday Early

The sale is coming early for Walmart. It announced early this week that it would start its deals on November 22, a week earlier than most stores. Along with that, the store will price match deals from various stores around the country. This includes Target and Toys R Us, although it only covers some select products.

If the purchase is made and then the lower price is found, there is no need to worry. According to a Walmart spokesperson customers “can email [email protected]”. The difference will be sent to the customers on a gift card for the store.

Price Match with

Many more stores are now joining the ranks of those who will price match against the internet shopping giant Amazon. Target and Best Buy are just two stores that regularly promise to match those prices but Staples is joining in this year. Even though the shipping costs for Amazon are dearer, many businesses continue to fear that the site will take over and are doing everything possible to avoid that.

Microsoft to Offer Major Discounts on the Surface Tablet

The sales on the original Surface tablet were low. Because of that, Microsoft needs to get rid of its stock and this is the best time for that. Make the most of the season with this 2013 Black Friday change as the first generation surface tablets will be available at a huge discount. If you’re not interested in that type of tablet, there are plenty of other offers from Microsoft and other tech giants.

Facebook Likes Won’t Be Enough This Year

Last year, all you had to do was like a business page to get a code for a great deal. This year, that is simply not enough. Once you like the page and get the code, you can uncheck the like button and never hear from the company again. The businesses know that and want your custom. More hoops will be there for you to jump through; so make sure you really want this deal!

Avoid Waiting for Cyber Monday

Cyber Monday won’t have the best deals—it never does! This year, make sure you check the deals on Black Friday and buy while you can. There’s no need to wait in line though for the stores to open. Check the internet and spend time comparing the different stores. Black Friday deals can also have free shipping to keep the costs down.

Black Friday is one of the biggest times of the year for the United States and Canada. There are some big changes to Black Friday in 2013 and you can make the most of the season by knowing them. The biggest one to remember is that many new stores are added to the list of Amazon price matchers but ask before you assume.

By Alexandria Ingham

USA Today

9 to 5 Toys

The Christian Science Monitor

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