Black Friday Stun Gun Family Fight (Video)

Woman Stuns Foe with Taser During Mall Fight

Black Friday Stun Gun Family Fight

Black Friday stun gun family fun took place at a shopping mall in Philadelphia when two women started fighting in the mall’s concourse area. The stun gun incident was filmed on a cell phone camera and it shows just how passionate shoppers can be while trying to get the best bargains, or in this case, move their baby from one shop to another. The video of the incredible event can be seen at the end of this article.

The family battle was filmed for posterity by Mike Napolitano who was in the Franklin Mills Mall hanging out with two friends. According to Napolitano, the two couples began arguing; which then escalated into blows. One of the couples had their baby with them in a stroller and the small infant was surrounded at one point by fighting adults.

Somewhat amazingly, the couple with the small baby had no problem with dragging their offspring to the shopping mall in the middle of the night. The fight itself took place around 2:30 a.m. and neither couple seemed too concerned with the safety of the baby as the fight broke out with the stroller in the middle of the facas.

According to Napolitano, who filmed the fight, the two couples had “words” and that the men were the first to get physical. The violence soon caught on with the two women who started pushing, pulling and punching one another. The two men actually wind up fighting all over the mall, at one point scrapping next to a store front yards away from the baby stroller.

It was after the men broke off from their “partners” that the stun gun family fun began in earnest at this middle of the night Black Friday shopping spree.

The two women stayed near the stroller and in a couple of seconds wound up scrabbling on the floor. Just before they end up on the floor, the sound of crackling electricity can be heard on the video. Once the two hit the floor, bright sparks begin flashing as one woman uses a stun gun on the other.

Local NBC affiliate NBC10 from Philadelphia spoke to Napolitano about the filmed fight. The 28 year-old said that the one woman “pulled out a taser” while what appeared to be an Indian female shopper moved between the fighting men and women shouting “No, Stop.”

After the women hit the ground fighting, and the one woman began using the taser/stun gun on the other, people jumped in and tried to pull the two apart. At that point the two fighting men approached their female counterparts and mall security stepped in.

Napolitano said at that point, he decided to leave the area as he was thinking someone might have a real gun versus a stun gun. John Ahle, the mall’s general manager, spoke to the NBC affiliate and confirmed that a fight between two female shoppers did occur at approximately 2:30 a.m. in the facility. Ahle said that both women were quickly controlled and separated. Both of them were taken out of the mall.

The manager said that mall staff, including security team members, are always looking to ensure customer safety in the shopping area. Ahle went on to say that unacceptable behaviour like this was not tolerated.
The Northeast Philadelphia mall had opened at midnight to allow consumers a full Black Friday shopping experience.

Apparently the mall has been a “hotspot” of violence at previous Black Friday sales event. Local police records show that in 2011 there were 32 reported assaults and in 2012 that number rose to 39. According to NBC10, robberies have also increased at the shopping mall. Over the same two year time period, these rose from seven to 19.

The same police reports show that shoplifting has actually declined dropping from 287 incidents in 2011 to 265 in 2012. Apparently property vehicular theft has dropped as well. Reports of violence across the US over the Black Friday shopping period have been numerous. Even the United Kingdom reported many episodes of assault and various forms of violent incidents during their first Black Friday sales rush.

This Black Friday stun gun family fun is perhaps the most bizarre incident reported so far and Mike Napolitano just happened to catch the whole thing on his phone. We have included the 29 second video clip below.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

NBC Philadelphia


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