Breaking Bad Alternate Ending a Brilliant Hat Tip to Malcolm in the Middle

Breaking Bad's Alternate Ending a Brilliant Hat Tip to Malcolm in the Middle

‘Breaking Bad’ may have ended back in September but fans are being treated to a brilliant alternate ending that gives a brilliant hat tip to ‘Malcolm in the Middle.’  This just proves that Vince Gilligan is a genius who still has plenty of tricks up his sleeve.

Fans of the popular AMC drama are hanging on to every last bit of nostalgia that they can.  The latest is in the form of an alternate ending for Walter White.  What if he was just a figment of our imagination?  What if it was all a dream?  A brilliant, evil, fantastic dream.

The ‘Breaking Bad: The Complete Series’ DVD box set won’t even be available until November 26th, but the alternate ending was leaked online recently.  In in we find that the entire series was just a figment of another Bryan Cranston character’s imagination.  Cranston played hapless dad Hal on the popular Fox sitcom ‘Malcolm in the Middle from 2000 to 2006.

The leaked clip appeared was removed rather quickly, due to Sony Pictures copyright infringement.  But it was long enough for fans to catch a glimpse of Hal waking up from a nightmare in which he was former chemistry teacher turned meth lab hero, Walter White.  Hal begins babbling incoherently about shaving his head, meth labs, killing people, and his punk of a partner who keeps calling everyone “bitch.”  Lying next to Cranston is his former ‘Malcolm in the Middle’ co-star Jane Kaczmarek, who played his wife, Lois.  Brilliant!  After calming him down, the camera pans out and shows a black porkpie hat, similar to Heisenberg’s.

Rumors of the ‘Breaking Bad’ alternate ending surfaced many months before, when Kaczmarek and her young son visited the set of ‘Breaking Bad’ in its final days.  One of the most interesting theories was that Gilligan was going to end the show with Walter White entering the witness protection program where he would take on the persona of ‘Malcolm in the Middle’s,’ Hal.  It would have been genius.

Breaking Bad’s re-imagined alternate (brilliant!) ending was not only a hat tip to ‘Malcolm in the Middle,’ it also paid homage to the ending of another popular long-running television sitcom.  Back in May of 1990 the show ‘Newhart’ ended its 8 season run with Vermont Innkeeper Dick Loudon, played by Bob Newhart, waking up in a duplicate bedroom set of ‘The Bob Newhart Show.’  Newhart turns to his wife and tells her that he had the craziest dream.  When the lights go on it becomes clear that it is his former TV wife Emily, played by Suzanne Pleshette.  The entire premise for ‘Newhart’ was all a dream that he had been having.  TV Land, TV Guide, and even AMC have named it one of the best series endings of all time.

You’ll have to wait until November 26th to see Breaking Bad’s alternate ending.  Pre-sales from the DVD box set have skyrocketed overnight, leading some to believe that the leak came from someone at Sony Pictures.  Well played, Vince Gilligan.  Well played.

By Mary Kay Love


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