Brittany Murphy Father to Write Book about Her Death

Brittany Murphy Father to Write Book about Her Death

Brittany Murphy was murdered, claims her father, who is to write a book about her death and the government’s role in it. 87 year-old Angelo Bertolotti maintains that a “secretive” government agency killed his daughter to keep her quiet.

Bertolotti said that Brittany was silenced because of her public stance of support for whistleblower Julie Davis. Davis is an investigative journalist and national security whistleblower. She is an anti-terrorism/immigration expert who, in her investigations, uncovered obvious shortcomings in processing applicants for entry into the United States from terrorist countries.

When Davis found the “shortcomings” and publicised her findings, Homeland Security labelled her a “domestic” terrorist and Murphy was to support Davis in court. Brittany’s father says that his daughter was being followed by government agents who also tapped her phone and were attempting to get Murphy to cease her support for Davis.

It was Angelo Bertolotti’s conviction that his daughter was being hounded by a secret government agency that led to his decision to have an independent toxicology test performed on Brittany after the LA Coroner listed her death was from natural causes.

In 2009 Brittany Murphy died suddenly and the Los Angeles County Coroner’s Department gave the cause of death as being a mixture of pneumonia, drug intoxication and anemia. Although the drugs found in the actress’s system were “over the counter” cold medication. Angelo sent samples of Brittany’s blood and tissue along with hair follicles for independent testing.

It was Murphy’s hair that yielded positive results in that above normal traces of heavy metals were found in her follicles. According to the new report, no less than 10 heavy metals were found at levels higher than normal. The report states that the hair tested came from the back of Brittany’s head and the metal traces were high enough to count out any accidental exposure. The conclusion of the lab report is that these heavy metals were introduced by a third party with “criminal intents”

Murphy’s family have long suspected that her death was not natural and that is was not caused by pneumonia. Considering that Brittany’s husband Simon Monjack died five months later of similar symptoms, their suspicions do not seem to have misplaced. As one family member told MailOnLine, it is unusual to have two people die under those type of “circumstances.”

Angelo said that his daughter’s death occurred while she was being harassed by agents of the secretive government organization. Speaking to Fleur De Lis Film Studios, he said that Brittany was under surveillance that included helicopters; having her phones tapped and she was the victim of what Bertolotti called “sneak and peak incursions” into Murphy’s home.

Brittany Murphy’s father says that these “terror tactics” started after she spoke out in support of Julia Davis and was to be a witness in Davis’ lawsuit against Homeland Security. Angelo has revealed that he is writing a book about how his daughter really died and who was responsible. Hopefully Bertolotti will not suffer any “unexpected” illnesses before he manages to finish his book.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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