Brittany Murphy: Murdered by Rat Poisoning so Why Was It Left Uncovered?

Brittany Murphy:New developments have unraveled about the death in 2009 of 35 year old Brittany Murphy, as a recent report has shown that she may have been murdered by rat poisoning, rather than the labels assigned of pneumonia and natural causes, so why was it not uncovered sooner? Her father, Angelo Bertolotti, has come forward to say he never truly believed the causes of his daughter’s death, especially after her husband also died unexpectedly 5 months later due to a similar diagnosis of natural causes. The improbabilities of both husband and wife dying in such close periods of time with related conditions sparked concerns for Brittany Murphy’s loved ones immediately.

It is unbelievable that these causes of death and possible murder went unobserved for so long. If her father had not managed to provide hair, blood and tissue samples for outside testing the previous conclusions of death would have remained final. Brittany Murphy is lucky to have a family that stayed true to the memory of their daughter and what they believed and ignored all the rumors that began to circulate.

Brittany Murphy

The results that came back from an outside laboratory stated that “the only logical explanation would be an exposure to these metals (toxins) administered by a third party perpetrator with likely criminal intent.” These new results open up an entirely new investigation that should have been discerned when the star died nearly 5 years ago. There have been ten heavy metals detected above the World Health Organization recommendation. At this volume of poisoning it is astonishing that the poison was not detected.

So why is it that Brittany Murphy’s murder managed to slip past law enforcement and forensic testing, even after her mother repeatedly insisted since 2011 that her daughter was not addicted to drugs, was not victim to anorexia and that her actual death was caused by toxic mold? Many questions are yet to be answered but it can be sure that Murphy’s family will not let sleeping dogs lie.

Brittany Murphy is reported to have been suffering from pneumonia, but rather than it being the main cause of death it has come to light that these were actually signs of metal poisoning, alongside the other symptoms she was displaying caused by poisoning including headaches, abdominal cramps, wheezing, disorientation and congestion.

Brittany Murphy’s father asserts that there will be justice for his daughter’s death. The rumors surging around her bereavement suggesting eating disorders and drug addiction besmirched Murphy’s reputation and for her family and fans it is seen as a fallacious injustice. She was also mocked when complaining about surveillance and being in fear for her life. If Murphy had been taken seriously she may not have been delivered this cold and premature death.

Murphy was famous for her long string of acting roles, from her clumsy teen personas from movies like Clueless to her horror-slasher roles like that of the last film she was featured in, Something Wicked. A video by The Showbiz gives a great memorabilia of 3 of her most famous and loved roles and the reasons she accumulated a congregation of fans:

The tragic events that have lead to Brittany Murphy and her untimely death revealed to be caused by rat poisoning, will now be reopened and looked into further to find out why it has only just been uncovered. Both parents say they will not rest until the complete truth is unearthed and true justice is recognized.

By Melissa McDonald