California Man Has Penis Cut Off During Robbery


California Man Has Penis Cut Off During RobberyThere have been four individuals charged with kidnapping and then torturing a California man who is a medical dispensary marijuana owner, and cutting off his penis while they robbed him because they believed he was hiding and burying quantities of money out in the desert, investigators said Friday.

Ryan Kevorkian, age 34, and Naomi Kevorkian, age 33, were arrested on Friday in Fresno, CA. This was about 24 hours after the FBI took in Hossein Nayeri, age 34, who was staying in Prague, which is in the Czech Republic, Orange County, California deputies said in a released statement.  Nayeri was likely to face proceeding of extradition as soon as possible back to America.

The fourth suspect, Kyle Handley, also age 34, was arrested last year in October, also living in California.

Each of the four individuals were charged with kidnapping in want for ransom, aggravated assault, burglary, torture and there were enhancements added on to each of their sentences for causing such intense bodily harm. They were being held without any bail allowance and may face life in prison without any chance of parole if they are convicted, stated prosecutors.

It was not known as of yet if Nayeri or the Kevorkians had gotten the aid of attorneys.

Handley had already stated in court that he was not guilty to all the charges on him. His lawyer, Robert K. Weinberg stated that he was hoping that by finally getting the three other individuals brought to justice, that it would be clear that his client had not been involved in such horrific criminal activity.

Prosecutors stated the victim was an affluent medical marijuana dispensary owner who took several of his pot dealers, which included Handley, to Las Vegas for a very flashy weekend last year.

After the trip was over, Handley had alleged told several friends that the dispensary owner was tremendously well-off and all the individuals supposedly hatched up an idea to rob and kidnap him, read a statement released from Newport Beach detectives and California State Police.

About a month before the kidnapping, the alleged robbers started following the dispensary owner, shadowing him as he took trips to the Palm Springs desert.

He had been going out there to talk over a potential investment deal, but the four alleged kidnappers got everything wrong, believing he was going out there to hide large quantities of cash.

On the night of Oct. 2, 2012, Nayeri, Handley and Ryan Kevorkian went to the man’s house, stole money, tied the man up, beat him and then kidnapped him along with his roommate’s girlfriend. They drove them both out to the desert inside of a van, investigators stated.

While they were heading out there, they proceeded to burn the dispensary owner with a blowtorch.

When they arrived at the area where they thought the victim had put all the cash, they cut off his penis, covered him with bleach in an attempt to hide any DNA and threw him and the other kidnap victim out on the side of the road, police alleged.

The men drove away still having the penis so it could not be reattached, authorities stated.

“The woman who was still tied up was able to run at least a mile to the main road where she was able to get hold of a police car.

The California man who had his penis cut off during the robbery survived his injuries but little is known of how he is doing health-wise, mentally now.

By Kimberly Ruble

USA Today

NY Daily News

The Daily Beast


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