California Transit Bus Passenger Set on Fire


California Bus Passenger Set on FireA California man has been hospitalized and listed in stable condition with severe burns after he was set on fire while riding on a Transit bus in Oakland, CA on Monday evening, stated police officials.

The incident happened while the passenger was asleep. He was wearing an item of clothing which resembled a kilt. According to video tapes from the bus, the suspect got on the bus close to the town’s high school. The suspect noticed the sleeping victim in a seat at the rear of the bus. He neared him and pulled out what seemed to be  a cigarette lighter, and set the bottom part of the victim’s clothes on fire.

The bus was near the intersection of Ardley Avenue and MacArthur Boulevard in Oakland, when the passenger woke up and he detected his clothing were in flames. He attempted to put the fire out by himself but then other passengers began coming to help him put out the blaze. The fire ended up severely burning his legs, explained Clarence Johnson, who is a bus transit spokesperson.

The bus was number Line 57 and the driver, at first, did not notice the man was in trouble until the other passengers went to help him. Finally he did understand and stopped the bus immediately. The driver stopped the bus and called for emergency assistance. Several people left the bus by exiting out the back.

The suspect was able to escape from the area before anyone got a good look at the individual. There was no description of that person available. Watson explained how the suspect got away from the scene before local and California state police arrived.

The victim, whose name is not being released yet to the public, was first taken to a local hospital that is in the Oakland area but was soon rushed to a hospital in California that is in the San Francisco area and placed in the burn center. He was found to have both second and also third-degree burns, specialists reported.

Oakland police spokesperson Officer Johnna Watson stated on Tuesday that the crime was horrific. She explained how Oakland, CA detectives were working very hard in order to find the individual that was responsible for such a senseless act.

There has been no purpose released for the crime as investigators are going over surveillance tapes that were on the bus. There were at least a dozen other travelers that were on the bus at that time as well, police said. Law enforcement officials feel that the information they are currently getting from the video tapes will help them find the suspect in this case. They have been able to glean very important information about the suspect from those tapes.

They also explained that the information from the many witnesses who saw what happened and were able to provide  to the investigating officials on the scene was also very valuable. That data as well will help the authorities move this case toward being solved.

Hopefully all things combined will cause the case to be solved and the California bus passenger can get well from the fire and his case will be solved.

By Kimberly Ruble

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