Cancer Patient Opting for Early Death in Face of Obamacare [Infographic]

Cancer Patient Opts for Death Instead of ObamacareCancer patient Bill Elliot is a family man who had his cancer treatment covered by his $180 per month insurance plan- until Obamacare policies have forced him to opt for an early death since he can no longer face the cost of health. This insurance plan has been canceled as a result of the ACA and replaced with a new plan that will cost him $1500 per month.

Elliot has stated that he believes the reason for this change is due to Obamacare. Elliot feels that he is unable to put this financial burden on the shoulders of his family and has chosen to let “nature take its course” instead of paying the exorbitant fees. Elliot says that his latest MRI, when he was still covered by insurance, had a cost of $3,000.

Now, thanks to Obamacare, none of his pharmaceuticals, treatments, or medical devices will be covered by insurance. If Elliot’s treatment requires him to undergo another MRI he will not be able to pay for it without insurance. Being unable to pay for his treatment or insurance, Elliot feels his hands are tied and has opted for the cancer to run its course.

After being asked if he was “knowingly misled” by President Obama, Elliot’s reply was, “Absolutely.”

Elliot goes on to say that the apology the President sent out in the wake of millions of insurance plan cancellations was nothing more than an insult to the injured. Elliot and many other Americans are realizing that despite President Obama’s promises that Americans would be able to keep their doctors and insurance plans if they wished, many are forced to lose out on these very things, and in the case of Bill Elliot, possibly their lives as well.

However, all is not lost for Americans like Bill Elliot. A comment posted in reply to this Fox news story from someone posting under the name “ObamaLovesYou” details the various options Elliot has for health care coverage. According to the commenter, all is not lost for those who cannot afford to pay new health insurance fees.

The commenter suggests that Elliot can purchase a new health insurance policy on a guaranteed issue basis without worrying about his preexisting condition. This is can be purchased from any carrier that is operating either within or without the Obamacare Health Insurance Marketplace.

Instead of opting for a premature acceptance of death, Elliot may still be able to received insurance-covered treatment for his cancer.

Elliot has been advised to hold out on abandoning all health insurance. If the total household MAGI is below $46,960 for an individual, $62,040 for a couple, $78, 120 for a family of three, or $92,200 for a family of four, then the qualifications for a subsidiary to lower premiums are met if the health insurance is purchased from within the Health Insurance Exchange Marketplace.

The doors for purchase within the Health Insurance Marketplace officially open on the first of January 2014. This could be good news for those who have had their existing insurance plans cancelled. However, the question remains; why is healthcare so expensive?

Researchers at Carrington College have attempted to explain healthcare costs by creating the following infographic designed to simplify why health insurance is so expensive for the average American. It may help to explain why a cancer patient, like Bill Elliot, might feel they must opt for an early death in the face of the premiums proposed by Obamacare.

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Why is Your Health Insurance so Expensive

[Infographic shared with permission]

Written By: Jessica Rosslee

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