Charlie Sheen Drama Heats Up

Charlie Sheen’s Three-Sided Saga Heats Up and Charlie Throws a Party

Charlie Sheen’s drama heats up, and he threw a party in the wake of his recent tirade on Twitter and TMZ. Sheen has been alleging abuse of his twin boys at the hands of their mother, Brooke Mueller.  Mueller, incensed by the publicized name-calling, got herself a lawyer, petitioned the court to grant her a temporary restraining order against her ex-husband, and the judge rejected it.

Surely, the judge’s denial of the TRO must have come as surprising and curious to Mueller. For, according to Sheen’s interview on TMZ, Mueller always seemed to have gotten her way with the courts in the past; but not this time. This time, to Sheen, the news came as a sweet victory when again on Monday evening, Nov. 4, he went on Twitter to drop her this tweet:

Charlie Sheen @charliesheen
oh, by the way, nice try this morning Brooke. you are a chubby weirdo who will lose at every turn trying to get between me and my boys.
9:14 PM Nov 4th

Meanwhile, in the midst of those two separate events, Sheen’s other ex-wife, Denise Richards, has temporary custody of the twins while Mueller finishes the court-ordered rehab for her drug use. Richards threw her arms up in the chaos, and promptly wrote a long letter to the LA Dept. of Children and Family Services.  She is demanding relief from the care of the twins, Bob and Max, 4½. Richards lists the shocking reasons for that petition, all of which seem to coincide with what Sheen has been saying all along.

Charlie Sheen Drama Heats Up
Charlie Sheen’s twins.

As the Sheen drama heats up, TMZ’s exclusive reports tell us that Richards stated in her letter to DCFS just how violent and incorrigible Bob and Max have become, in and outside her home. To name just a few items from Richards’ telling letter, she claims that the boys kick her dogs repeatedly, that they switch from gently petting the dogs to “strangling” them and “lifting them off the ground by the neck.” Also, that the boys “have thrown their own feces into the bathroom of one of her daughters,” that school teachers have gotten “slapped in the face” by the boys, and that Mueller has blocked all efforts to achieve psychological help for the boys.

Further, according to TMZ, Mueller’s lawyers had issued a subpoena to TMZ to secure the video and telephone transcripts of Sheen’s recent call to and live interview on the show.  Mueller’s main concern seems to be not her children’s woes but the insults uttered by Sheen.

Her sons are babies yet; one of which supposedly gained a burn to the face while at Mueller’s house, as shows Richards’ photographs of the child now on display with TMZ. The boys are in the middle of this turmoil and Mueller’s sole aim is to re-gag their father.  This morning, Mueller filed a second request with the court to instate the TRO with previous gag order against Sheen, which was granted, reports TMZ.

According to those new reports, the judge warned Sheen to zip the lips about any more talk of this case or he’s going to jail; Sheen is to keep 200 yards distance from Mueller; Mueller does not get granted her request to remove the boys from Richards’ care, and supposedly, the judge stated, “Don’t forget, I’m Italian!” Alrighty then…

Indeed, the Sheen drama heats up –and Charlie throws a party! A work-related celebration at his home, that is, for his Anger Management coworkers who enjoyed massages and delicious food at this get-together, TMZ reported. This move to throw a party was a good idea.  When in the throes of such highly-charged personal circumstances a little festivity gets the mind on one’s vocation, at least for that moment. Nevertheless, two little boys are the subject of much despair in this case and their psychological stability is at stake. They need help, immediately, and are more deserving of it than the adults presently overshadowing them with their celebrity status and incapability to care for these children!

By Christina L. Ibbotson

USA Today



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