Charlie Sheen Twins Caught in the Crossfire

Shots fired but there's no "winning" going on here

Charlie Sheen not winning


Everyone is familiar with Charlie Sheen’s catchphrase “Winning!”,  but as his twins are caught in the crossfire, it seems no one is winning now. Charlie Sheen is no stranger to displays of anger, hard partying, and bouts of drug and alcohol abuse in his past, but does that make him a bad parent? Both parents seem to think neither one is capable of good parenting. Photos of his son displaying possible signs of abuse or neglect have gone viral along with accusations from media and his ex wife Brooke Mueller.

Back in 2011 the star of Two and a Half Men, Charlie Sheen gave up custody of his small sons to the police when they showed up unexpectedly at his mansion in Beverly Hills after his ex wife filed a temporary restraining order against him claiming he had abused her. Lately Sheen has taken to harassment via the popular social media site Twitter, sending menacing Tweets to his ex including a photo of a cake bearing a grenade candle. Brooke Mueller blames Charlie for the twins subsequent bad behavior, both at home and at school. At age six they are seen slapping teachers in the face, slinging their feces in defiance, and aggressive behavior towards family and pets.

Well, who can blame them, Charlie Sheen has proven many a time that he is no star role model. His abhorrent public behavior displayed for paparazzi is no longer shocking. The recent photos of suspected abuse have surfaced, but as the parents of the twins stand on the sidelines the two boys are caught in the crossfire as shots are fired between Charlie and Brooke. Sheen’s ex-wife claims that he is insane and often fears for their sons’ safety when in his care. Brooke also reports of threats from Charlie Sheen directed towards her, threatening to decapitate her, boxing up her noggin, and sending the package to her mother, no doubt the accusations can be more than mere speculation.

The viral photo, apparently taken by Wild Things star actress Denise Richards, as proof of supposed abuse that Bob, may have obtained while in the custody of his mother, Brooke. Denise Richards was acting as temporary guardian on the twins’ behalf, has recently stepped down from this position, being fed up with the twins’ volatile behavior in her home. Richards had tried to seek professional help for the boys to correct the continuous misbehavior but was denied by their mother. Included in the letter containing the photos, was a snapshot of the boys with Charlie Sheen, before the alleged abuse, to show that they were relatively happy and unscathed. Sheen is also pushing for proof that perhaps the boys may have Fetal Alcohol Syndrome.

So it seems neither side is “winning” this battle, Charlie Sheen and Brooke can not seem to come to an amiable conclusion, which leaves the twins caught in the ceaseless crossfire. Hopefully for the sake of the children there is some resolution in the very near future because it seems they are already following in the destructive footsteps of their father at this very young and impressionable age. Let us hope that both parents can put aside their differences and focus on what is most important, their children.

By Teidi Bishop


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