Dancing With the Stars Cher Week November 4 (Review)

Dancing With The Stars Cher Week

On Dancing With the Stars it’s Cher Week, meaning that Cher will take over the reins from Len as one of the judges in tonight’s episode. Will Dancing With the Stars ever be the same? And, more importantly, which one of the remaining seven celebrities will be eliminated in tonight’s episode?

The seven couples remaining on Dancing With the Stars will compete in two rounds tonight. In the first round, as usual, the couples will dance a style of dance that they have not performed so far in the competition. Whoever receives the highest score will be immune from being eliminated at the end of tonight.

Then, in the second round, the couples will participate in an exciting “dance off.” Whichever couple wins that will be granted additional points from the judges. These will be added to their toatl score, and these points could make the difference in staying around for another week or getting eliminated.

Cher opens the night with a performance of her latest song, Believe. She is an iconic performer, and it will be interesting to see how she melds with the other judges and votes tonight.

Corbin Bleu and his dance partner, Karina Smirnoff, were the first couple to perform on Dancing With the Stars. They danced the Argentine Tango to the song Welcome to Burlesque. They did an amazing job — what a great way to start the night!

Carrie Ann told them that they brought their A game last week “and once again you have done it,” but she added “watch your footwork.”

Bruno said that their performance “had depth to it,” but continued, saying “you need to watch your passes.”

Cher said that they were “amazing” like a movie she’d recently seen “called All About the Tango.”

The judges gave the couple straight 9s for a total of 27/30.

The second couple of the evening were Leah Remini and Tony Dovolani. They danced the Viennese Waltz to the Sony & Cher classic, I Got You Babe. I’m sure that the song was chosen in honor of the celebrity judge, Cher. They did a very good job, but the judges can be sometimes…unique in their viewpoints.

Bruno said that “It was like watching Alice & Wonderland,” but he then said “be careful of the hold.”

Carrie Ann: “It looked like you were having the time of your life,” but she then slammed them with the comment “there were a few moments where you got under the timing.”

Cher thought that there performance was “great” and it brought back memories to her of being with Sonny in a coffee shop.

Carrie Ann and Bruno gave them 8s, while Cher gave them a 9, for an overall score of 25/30.

The third couple of the night on Dancing With the Stars was Brant Dougherty and Peta Murgatroyd. They danced the Fox Trot to It’s In His Kiss, also known as The Shoop Shoop Song. They danced gracefully and gave an amazing performance.

Carrie Ann told them that they had “star quality” and said that they were “still growing, every week I see you pushing yourself.” However, she added that “your knees are giving in too much.”

Bruno said that they had to “go to the next step and refine it, you got it within you.”

Cher said that she loved their smiles — fine, though it had nothing to do with their actual dancing.

The couple got a pretty good score, though, with all of the judges giving them 9s, for a score of 27/30.

Elizabeth Berkley Lauren and Val Chmerovsky were the fourth couple of the evening to dance. They danced a Jazz dance to the song Bang Bang (My Baby Shot Me Down.)

I thought that they gave a pretty good performance, but the judges were a bit ambivalent, though Cher said that she “loved it.”

Bruno compared their dance to the Hunger Games, but he added “you missed a lot of musical queues, you were not on it.”

Carrie Ann told them that they were “under pressure” but said that they “were one dimensional in your anger,” and “that made it a little too loose for me.”

Carrie Ann and Bruno gave the couple 8s, and Cher gave them a 9, for a score of 25/30.

Bill Engvall (how is he still in the competition, anyway?) and Emma Slater did a disco dance to the song Strong Enough. They did okay, but haven’t really seemed to improve very much. Of course, the other couples in the competition are all more used to dancing than Engvall, though.

Bruno said that they “really had the Disco Inferno going,” but added that he was “gagging with laughter” at their dancing.

Carrie Ann told them that they had a “magical effect, you make my day better.” She did say that they were “off the beat” though.

Cher: “Even though you missed some steps, I thought it was brilliant.”

The judges gave them straight 8s, for an overall score of 24. They have the low score so far tonight — will this be their final night to perform on Dancing With the Stars?

The sixth couple to perform were Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke. They danced the Tango to another Sonny & Cher standard, The Beat Goes On. They gave an excellent performance, IMHO.

Carrie Ann told them “you are like a god out there; I loved that performance.”

Cher said she thought that it was great that Jack “looked like a pimp, like a Tango dancing pimp.”

Bruno said the Tango was all about “the pimp and the hooker,” so what they danced was “a proper classic Tango.”

The judges gave them pretty good scores, straight 9s, for a total of 27/30.

In response to a fan’s question about where Cher would go if she could “turn back time” like she sings about in one of her songs, she said she’d go back to the 80s. That’s because she had a lot of fun then.

The last couple of the first round to perform were Amber Riley and Derek Hough. They are one of the favorites to win. They performed the Rumba to the Cher song Turn Back Time — what a coincidence!

Cher: “You walked in sexy and I loved it,” she told them, adding “you owned it.”

Bruno: “You were the ones selling it and I bought it.”

Carrie Ann said “I feel it is not your best dance” and said “I want more.”

Carrie Ann and Cher gave them 9s, while Bruno gave them a big 10, for the highest score of the night: 28/30.

Cher then takes the stage yet again — she sings the song I Hope You Find It.

With the first round over, the Dance Offs are next. Corbin and Karina are asked who they’d like to compete against in the Dance Offs, and they chose Elizabeth and Val, who got to choose the dance. They selected the Cha Cha Cha, and performed it to the song Woman’s World.

Both couples gave fantastic performances. Carrie Ann said she thought that both couples nailed it. Bruno also loved their performances, and Cher said that they were “sexy” and “tight.” The three judges were unanimous in saying that Corbin and Karina won.

Next, Brant and Peta get the choice of who they will perform against. They decide on Leah and Tony, who, in turn, choose the dance, which will be the Rumba. The song they performed it to was I Found Someone.

Bruno said that he loved both couples; Carrie Ann called the Rumba “the dance of love” and said that Leah “nailed it.” Cher said that she was “enthralled” with both of them.

Both Carrie Ann and Cher voted that they thought Leah and Tony won; Bruno, however, voted in favor of Brant and Peta.

In the last round of the Dance Offs, Jack and Cheryl danced the Disco to the song Song for the Lonely, and their competitors were Bill Engvall and Emma Slater. Jack and Cheryl were pretty awesome.

Jack’s dance moves “surprised” Carrie Ann, and Cher was “amazed” at his moves. Bruno said that he thought that Jack had turned Disco dancing into “dirty dancing.” The judges all voted for Jack and Cheryl as having done the best.

The couple who was eliminated tonight surprised me, because I thought that they were pretty consistently great dancers. The ones who were sent home were Brant Dougherty and Peta Murgatroyd, I guess because they lost the Dance Offs to Leah and Tony, who earned the 3 bonus points possible.

What will next week be like on Dancing With the Stars? With the couples now down to just six, the competition is sure to be tougher than ever; but, with these second rounds in the past few episodes, it’s literally anybody’s guess who will stay and who will go from episode to episode. What do you think of the competitors who are left? Who will be the couple to win it all? Please leave your comments below!

By: Douglas Cobb