Dancing With the Stars Plugged/Unplugged Night (Review)

Dancing With the Stars November 18, 2013

It’s Plugged/Unplugged Night on Dancing With the Stars tonight! It’s the 10th elimination of the season, and one of the five couple who are left this season will be eliminated and sent home. Who will it be? Can the unlikely pair of Bill Engvall and Emma Slater continue their streak and stay on for yet another week; or, will they finally be the ones who get sent home?

Like the last few weeks, there will be two rounds of dancing tonight on Dancing With the Stars. First, there will be the individual dances, where the couples dance some dance which they haven’t yet performed. They will perform the dance to an original, or plugged, version of a song.

Then, in the second round, the couples will perform a Rumba, Argentine Tango or Viennese Waltz routine to an “unplugged” or acoustic version of the song they danced to in the first round.

The episode opened up with an awesome dance number choreographed by Mandy Moore, featuring the pro dancers. It was a pretty cool way to open the show. There will be a Guest Judge tonight — Maksim Chmerokovskiy — but, he’s not taking the place of a judge; instead, there will be the fourth  judge scoring the dances.

Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke are at the top of the leader board this week with a score of 29/30. At the bottom of the leader board are Bill Engvall amd Emma Slater, with a score of 21/30.

The first couple to dance tonight will be Leah Remini and Tony Dovolini. They will perform the Paso Doble dance to Bad Romance by Lady Gaga. They did a great job, IMHO, but who knows what the judges will say about their performance?

Len said: “I thought it was a little bit careful, next time give it some willy!” Hmmm…I wonder if that means the same thing in England as it does here…it just doesn’t sound right, but hey….

Bruno, catty as usual, criticized Leah, saying   “my darling, you missed a turn twice…”

Carrie Ann also didn’t seem to think very much of their performance, saying “you definitely brought the drama; at the semi-finals we have to be a little bit stricter.”

Guest Judge Maksim said he liked the dance, but added  “I’m overlooking that you stepped on your skirt, it’s not a technical mistake.”

The four judges gave them scores of 8 each, for a total of 32/40.

The second couple up tonight on Dancing With the Stars will be Corbin Bleu and Karina Smirnoff. They will perform the Tango to My Songs Know What You Did in the Dark (Light ‘Em Up) by Fall Out Boy.

Carrie Ann really seemed to love their performance, saying “That was hot” and adding that “I would love to see it again.”

Len appeared to disagree, saying that “Tango is about calmness, and then attack.  This was just full on attack.” He also continued:  “As a Tango it wasn’t really my cup of tea.”

Bruno, on the other hand, liked it, saying that they danced with “so much drive, so much intent, that  it was almost untamable.”

Maksim stated that the content of the dance “was amazing” and that “the fairy dust, whatever it was, was awesome.”

Carrie Ann, Maksim and Bruno gave the couple 9s, while Len gave them an 8, for a total of 35/40 points.

The third couple of the evening to perform on Dancing With the Stars was Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke performing a Jazz dance to Roxanne by The Police. They did a great job, but got mixed comments from the four judges.

Len didn’t think they did very well, saying “For me this lacked a little bit of finesse.”

Bruno said it was a difficult routine, but that their “interpretation was very, very good.”

Carrie Ann thought that Cheryl Burke did great, saying she had “to give credit where credit is due,” adding ” Cheryl, you nailed it.”

Maksim agreed, saying “I loved it; I thought it was great.”

Carrie Ann, Len, and Bruno gave the couple 8s, and Maksim added a 9, for a total of 33/40.  Dancing With the Stars November 18, 2013

Bill Engvall and Emma Slater are the fourth couple of the night. They will be dancing a Cha Cha Cha to Sexy and I Know It by LMFAO.  The judges don’t especially like their dance, as usual –how Bill and Emma are staying on in the competition is beyond me, unless it’s due to Bill’s strong fan base alone.

Len said to Bill that he may not always be “the judge’s champion” but, he added, “you are the people’s champion.”

Bruno: thought the dance was, at least, amusing, saying that the laughs Engvall gives are “pure enjoyable.”

Carrie Ann told him “I thank you for bringing the joy back to the ballroom.”

Maksim also recognized that while Bill Engvall is not a technically proficient dancer, he has avid fans. He said that “There were a lot of holes in this Cha Cha” but added “people look up to for what you’re doing.”

The four judges gave them straight 7s for a total 0f 28/40 points.

The final couple of the first round were Amber Riley and Derek Hough. Amber Riley & Derek Hough performed a Jazz dance to Locked Out of Heaven by Bruno Mars. They did awesome, giving the best performance of the evening so far!

Bruno loved the dance, saying “You are just incredible, your versatility is astonishing.”

Carrie Ann: agreed with this assessment, saying “It felt like a mathematical equation and you solved it.”

Len enthused  “Do it again!”

Maksim also liked their performance, saying  “It was amazing and incredible. Great job.”

Carrie Ann, Bruno, and Len gave them 10s, and Maksin gave them a 9, for a total of 39/40, the best score of tonight’s episode of Dancing With the Stars so far!

The first couple of the second round were Leah Remini and Tony Dovolani. They danced the Argentine Tango, again to the Lady Gaga song Bad Romance.

Len said, simply, “I liked it fine.”

Carrie Ann criticized them, but tried to (I guess), put it nicely, saying that what she had to say came “from pure love, because I really relate to you. I honestly think you need to have more confidence.”

Guest Judge Maksim said about Leah “You’re a real woman and you bring exactly what this competition needs.”

Bruno agreed, saying “I thought it was very pretty.”

Carrie Ann, Len, and Maksim gave the couple 8s, while Bruno gave them a 9, for a total of 33/40.

The second couple of the second round was Corbin Bleu & Karina Smirnoff. They danced the Rumba, to the same song as the first round, and they were fantastic, as usual.

Carrie Ann must have a thing for Corbin, because she said “Corbin, your body is a wonderland. I am so glad you took your shirt off.”

Len said “I thought your technique was great” adding “that was a great rumba.”

Bruno told them “The quality of movement was unbelievable.”

Maksim didn’t agree with Carrie Ann, except he did think they performed the dance very well. He said “Your body is not a wonderland to me, but when you took your shirt off it was very technically savvy.”

All four judges awarded the couple with scores of 10s, for the highest score of the entire season: 40/40!

The third couple of the second round were Jack Osbourne and Cheryl Burke. They performed the Argentine Tango, and were close to perfect in how ell they did! The judges seemed to really like their performance, too.

Len said “You came out and you really sold the dance. Well done.”

Bruno said that Jack was “as slick as a prowling panther.”

Carrie Ann told Jack that he was “such an inspiration to so many people. You were so in the zone!”

Maksim said “Great routine, great precision, the dance was great.”

Carrie Ann and Bruno gave them 10s, while Len and Maksim gave them 9s, for a total of 38/40.

The fourth couple of the second round were Bill Engvall and Emma Slater, and they danced the Argentine Tango. The judges gave them a little bit of credit, at least, saying that they did better than they did the first round.

Len told Bill he didn’t know if he had “the skill to win, but you have the will to win.”

Bruno agreed, saying of the performance “Everything an Argentine Tango should be, was there.”

Carrie Ann said “You never missed a beat!”

Maksim told the couple “The musical interpretation was amazing.”

The four judges gave them scores of straight 8s, for a total of 32/40.

The final couple of the second round was Amber Riley and Derek Hough. They performed The Viennese Waltz. The were pretty bad-ass and incredible, giving one of the night’s best performances, IMHO.

Bruno said “You dance like an angel.”

Carrie Ann really loved their performance, also, saying “You brought me to tears. You are just something special, Amber Riley.”

Len agreed, saying “There was fire in that performance, I loved it!”

Maksim said, simply “You’re amazing.”

The four judges gave them straight 10s for a total of 40/40, tying the highest score of the night, which Corbin and Karina also scored!

So, who wound up being eliminated? Leah Remini and Tony Dovolini had the second-lowest scores of the episode, earning 65 points. Bill Engvall and Emma Slater had the lowest, 61 points. Bill’s fans helped him out yet again, and he and Emma get to continue on to dance in the Finals, while Leah Remini and Tony Dovolini are the couple to be eliminated this week on Dancing With the Stars!

Next week on Dancing With the Stars, the couples who will be competing are Bill and Emma, Jack and Cheryl, Amber and Derek, and Corbin and Karina. What do you think about tonight’s episode? Who do you believe danced the best? Were you satisfied with the results, and who will continue on to the Finals? Please leave your comments below!



Written by: Douglas Cobb