David Blaine Conjures With Fascination [VIDEO]

David Blaine conjures with fascinationDavid Blaine is a mind blowing, mesmerizing magician.  He is a confident master of illusion and endurance, leaving his audiences in awe and asking how.  He suspends, balances and levitates with quiet, yet exquisite style and risks his life with stupendous stunts.  Blaine, the fearless mystic, has risen from the street to the stage to amuse and amaze the crowd.  David Blaine conjures with fascination and fortitude, reaping fame and fortune along the way.

Blaine, age 40, is from Brooklyn, New York and has been practicing magic for over two decades.  His numerous feats of endurance have delighted onlookers around the globe in unique fashion and unbelief.  The dare devil has tortured himself with ice, water, fire, bullets, sharks and electrifying volts, just to name a few.  Blaine’s test of endurance has been recorded in the Guinness World Records, but his true test is always against himself.

Blaine is currently preparing for a 90 minute special to be aired on ABC on November 19.  Entitled Real or Magic, the star of his self produced Street Magic, will hob nob with the likes of Kanye West, Katie Perry and Harrison Ford.  The show will prove to be entertaining and a stretch from his usual death defying dramas.

Uniting a diverse group of fans, Blaine is disciplined and dedicated to his walk in life.  His sexy, yet sinister looking eyes pierce with a haunting of the unknown, propelling hallucinations of the world beyond.  He has a kind of power as he causes people to laugh and run away.  They are drawn back to his presence time and time again wanting just a little bit more.

Blaine’s much publicized stunts have involved careful planning, training, sponsors and medical personnel.  Some of his sponsors have included Intel and Donald Trump.  He has formed bonds with his trusted assistants, but must always trust his own instincts first.  The events have been costly over the years both in equipment and recovery time.  He has put his life on the line to please the thrill seekers, but Blaine is an expert in execution.  He normally fasts a week before being enclosed in a box, put into a human fishbowl or frozen in a block of ice.  His body is strong and he has developed the will power to endure the harshness of almost any situation.

Frozen in Time required Blaine to stay inside a block of ice.  He bared his soul to the elements and lasted 63 hours and 42 minutes.  Some said he was crazy for the stunt and he did seem crazy and delirious upon exiting.  He could have died of hypothermia and actually spent close to a month in a hospital regaining strength and learning how to walk again.  For the Drowned Alive stunt, he spent a week under water with periodic breaths from an air tube.  He attempted to hold his breath and break the record of nine minutes, but fell short at seven minutes and twelve seconds.  He escaped chains and handcuffs and emerged from the water with shriveled skin and shortness of breath.  He still acknowledged his crowd of fans as he was rushed away for medical attention.



David Blaine conjures with fascinationBlaine is not your typical magician.  He does what he wants and configures the odds as he conjures with fascination.  He makes his own choices as he chooses to surprise and stun the skeptics.  His endurance can not be denied and his death has been defied, so far.  Surely the ABC special will seem like a breeze with a few card tricks and sleight of hand maneuvers.  Most likely he is just warming up the crowd for the next world record he will accomplish.


By Roanne H. FitzGibbon

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