Family Guy to Have Brian to Return [Update]

Family Guy To Have Brian to Return?


Family Guy fans are fighting hard to have Brian the family dog revived from the dead. They refuse to accept what has happened and move on. They are upset hat the dog is dead and there are no plans from producers to bring him back.

This past Sunday, viewers were stunned by seeing the family dog get hit by a car and killed. It was a shocking death that nobody saw coming. Now numerous Family Guy fans are extremely upset by the fact that Brian is gone. So they thought they would attempt to do something about it.

Aaron Thompson, who lives in Tuscaloosa, AL, decided to start an online petition on Monday in hopes it might bring the beloved character back to life. So far it has received nearly 50,000 signatures.

Thompson wrote that the cartoon character Brian Griffin was an important part of fans viewing pleasure. The dog gave wit and a sophisticated element to the show. Thompson added that he believed Family Guy would end up losing viewers if Brian was not brought back to the show.

The petition is connected to a Facebook page which was made in dedication to Brian and it has almost 400,000 likes as of this writing.

The episode was entitled Life of Brian, and played out at first that there was hope the dog would live. However, his injuries ended up being too severe.

The fans are wanting to know why Brian was picked to be the character that was killed off.  It was explained that a dog getting hit by a car seemed to fit more in the reality realm, than if one of the children passed away. As much as Brian was adored, and everybody loves their pets, it was believed by the powers-that-be that it would have been more traumatic if one of the kids had died instead of Brian.

These executives are worrying about reality when the family dog went around talking and carrying on meaningful conversations with individuals?  Brian was one of the show’s main characters. There were numerous episodes and subplots which focused on his skill of being able to talk and drink lots of beer. Peter Griffin, who is the patriarch of the family, always thought that Brian was his best friend, not only his dog.

However, Peter and the other Griffins must not be grieving too hard because they have already gotten a new dog and named him Vinny. He also has the ability to carry on conversations. The show’s producers hired The Sopranos actor Tony Sirico to give Vinny his voice. The episode had Vinny attempting to try and win over each of the Griffin family members. It ended when Vinny had effectively gotten Stewie’s approval in order to become the Griffins new family dog.

Just because Stewie approves does not mean the fans do. They are angry and they are letting Family Guy know about it. Because they are in such an uproar, some fans are revealing their suspicions about why Brian died and how he can be brought back. They are stating their wishes of how Stewie might use the time machine Brian and he had when they stopped a catastrophic 9/11-like event in a controversial 2011 episode in order to bring Brian back from the dead. They must not realize that Family Guy’s ratings have fallen in the double digits from last season.

That is one of the real reasons the dog died, in order to help boost the sagging ratings. If it works or not remains to be seen. Regardless, Family Guy fans continue to fight for Brian and his return to the show.



Looks like fans are going to get their wish. Look for the episode just in time for the holidays. But Seth McFarland has no plans on releasing on how he is going to bring Brian back!

The fans have spoken, but in what way is unknown at this time.

Stay tuned.

By Kimberly Ruble

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