George Clooney Disses Crowe and Twitter

George Clooney in the spotlight finally.

George Clooney in the spotlight finally.

Ever since the film Gravity hit cinemas it has been all about Sandra Bullock, now it is George Clooney chance to shine and he starts by dissing Russell Crowe and Twitter.   The 52 year-old film star must have felt as cold as his stranded character in the space film. Floating around in the freezing cold and ignored by all those Bullock fans who love what his co-star did in their film.

But now, Clooney is giving his side of everything. From Twitter to fame; Brad Pitt to Russell Crowe; Julia Roberts and, of course, his great gal pal Sandra Bullock. All this information, and more, will be in the December issue of Esquire magazine.

It is not too surprising that George has been overlooked for so long after Gravity left critics drooling over his 49 year-old co-star Bullock. Sandra has been hitting the promotional trail and both she, and George, have explained that they have never been an “item.” Both stating for the record that they are too much alike to ever date romantically.

The two are very similar. Clooney and Bullock are both laid back, very cool and funny. Wit is a trademark of both stars and of the two, Clooney is the only one who seems to have trouble settling with one person. Sandra had settled down, but, that did not work out too well for the beautiful actress.

Clooney, on the other hand, has moved freely from partner to partner and none of them have a bad word to say about him after their relationships ended. In fact, one would be hard pressed to find a single person who does not like George. Apart from Russell Crowe, that is.

Crowe started a fight with Clooney about seven years ago and the Gravity star tells his side of it in the December issue. Apparently the man who could have given cool lessons to Frank Sinatra sent the Aussie actor a postcard saying, in essence, “What the F*** is wrong with you?”

But George Clooney getting to have his say in the magazine means that he does not just diss Russell Crowe, he covers his feelings about his BFF Brad Pitt.  On top of that he includes his thoughts on fame and, surprisingly, Twitter. The silver-haired smoothie is not a huge fan of the microblogging site. He says that the combination of fame and tweeting is a recipe for disaster. In one scenario, George says that he could imagine coming home from a long, disgruntled day; having a few drinks and then “drunk-tweeting.” Clooney says that instead of musing to one’s self, the musings would spread worldwide and be there to haunt the tweeter in the morning.

Valid point.

Apart from calling Russell Crowe a Frank Sinatra “wannabe,” he takes a poke at Leonardo DiCaprio, but according to his rep, his dissing of DiCaprio has to do with his basketball verbal jousting skills. Apparently the younger star talked a better game than he played. George loved that fact that when the two actually playing he wiped the floor with Leo.

One person he’d never wipe the floor with though is his co-star and gal pal Sandra Bullock. The two have been friends since they started out in the business together. He has nothing but praise for her skills at handling problems. Clooney also says she is an expert at being a mother as well as a star. He should know, he is friends not only with Bullock but her son Louis.

At first glance, George Clooney’s  dissing of Russell Crowe and Twitter, along with his other subjects of discussion in the Esquire interview,  comes across as pure Clooney. A little self effacing, funny, witty (and there is a difference between the two), clever, and supportive of his friends. It really is about time that the Gravity co-star began to get a little attention. As usual, he makes a great impression.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom



Chicago Sun-Times