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Global Warming and Government’s Inaction Will Soon Destroy World


Global Warming

800 NGO delegates have walked out of the 19th conference meeting in opposition to the government’s inaction towards the issues of Global warming which will eventually destroy the world. For the first time in years delegates have chosen to protest against the low drive of the conference to inflict a change against the influences of dirty energy and also their lack of progression towards new funding for “loss and damage”.

The meetings thus far have been disputing the viewpoint that the more developed countries should pay a sum of money towards developing countries for the current and future environmental damages they have caused and continue to cause. Oil, coal and gas companies are the main contributors to carbon emissions which in turn is affecting climate change.

Global WarmingIt has been pointed out that Western countries are mainly responsible for the majority of global greenhouse gas emissions, so why should they not have to take responsibility for the environmental damage caused? The effects global warming is having on the environment harm the progression and sustainability of developing countries. Therefore they argue that they have every right to urge compensation for the impairment upon the world which they do not or barely contribute to.

Analysis shows that in actual fact just 90 businesses are responsible for the majority of global warming. New research has suggested that they have produced two-thirds of greenhouse gas emissions since the industrial revolution. The firms pinpointed are all within the sectors of oil, gas and coal and all have access to fossil fuel reserves. If these reserves are burnt the planet will be further endangered by climate change.

With countries like Poland who generate 90 percent of their energy from coal, it is hard to inflict a change without making serious transformations and inevitably losing money, which is why governments are so apprehensive to make changes even though global warming will destroy the world. They are undermining the Climate Change Convention, even though they seek positive changes by making all parties commit to a “new, legally binding agreement to reduce greenhouse gas emissions”.

Global warming

The committee want this global agreement  to be agreed upon by 2015 and in steady pace by 2020. With half the estimated emissions coming from the past 25 years alone it verifies that industries are ignoring the warnings about the rising greenhouse gas emissions. It is imperative that global warming is tackled head on because studies have proven that if it continues at this rate it will make sea levels rise further which will be made worse through melting at the poles. Hurricanes and other storms will become more ferocious and species that depend on one another may become incoherent, such as plants that bloom earlier than pollinating insects arise. Another effect will be that floods and droughts will become increasingly common and less fresh water will be available because sources of water will be gone. Disease is predicted to spread, for example malaria and finally ecosystems will change because some species will relocate and some will become extinct.

If governmental inaction persists at the face of global warming, the world will be destroyed by the negative outcomes. The fact that 800 NGO delegates have walked out of a conference provides sufficient evidence that global warming is an increasing problem that needs drastic movements for change to commence.

By Melissa McDonald