Google Glass Updates Get Personal [video]

Google Glass Increases Personalized FeaturesGoogle Glass updates get more personal with the addition of prescription lenses and enhanced directions and calendar features. Google Glass is expanding at high speeds while still in beta state. Each upgrade promises a more personalized experience for the user.

Google Glass users are now able to experience an easier initial set-up process with simpler commands. A new tutorial takes you through connecting Glass to your phone, swiping, and other personalized features.

User can expect to continue receiving improvements as a variety of tests continue.

Now Google Glass users can tell Google Maps where they work and where they live. This update will give the user a more personalized map of directions and help Google better understand their expectations when requesting directions while traveling to and from their most frequented locales.

With this upgrade the user can give verbal directives such as, “OK glass, get direction to work” or “get directions home.” It’s as simple as a snap of the fingers.

To utilize the new map feature all users will need to do is insert their work and home address in Google Now or Google Maps.

Also included in the Google Glass update is a shortcut which will allow users to screencast to their Smartphone or tablet. This means the user can share any video content that they take with Glass on their android mobile device directly from their notification options.

In addition to the aforementioned features Google Glass users can now experience a more efficient use of their schedules with the new calendar upgrade. They can check their personal schedules and calendar details right from the Glass.

One of the coolest additions planned for Google Glass is a special prescription lens add on.

Rochester Optical, a New York-based company, is working to have these ready for release in January 2014.  One of the early Glass Explorers, Tim Moore, will join the project team for the development of the new addition of prescription lens.

According to Moore, the price for the new Google Glass-ready prescription lens will closely mirror the price tag for standard prescription lenses. There will be a website for customers to visit in order to choose their preferred color and enter their prescription information. Moore said once the information is received and confirmed the lenses will ship within two business days.

The arm mount will be designed to fit Google Glass perfectly. A number of color options will be available so users can match their Glass color.

Rochester Optical has a history of eyeglass development spanning 80 years. They have established players that are ready to take eyewear technology to another level; let’s hope society is ready to embrace it.

Although the majority of updates include added features Google Glass has also removed one of its previous features to allow a smoother experience for the user; the long press command is gone.

Google has turned off the long press command on the Glass touchpad which was used to initial a Google search. Many users were complaining because they kept accidentally activating it then having to waste time backtracking.

Now users can do a Google search on Glass by either saying, “OK Glass, Google [enter search word here]” from the Home screen or simply tap the touchpad slowly three times while the display is off.

Last month Google instituted a new program for Google Glass that allows current users to invite no more than three friends to purchase their own eyewear-mounted computers; before they go on sale for the public. Google believes this will expand its Glass Explorer Program to allow for increased testing and ultimately a better product upon release.

Google Glass updates are getting more personal. The newest updates include prescription lenses and enhanced directions and calendar. Each upgrade promises a more personalized experience for the user.



By: Cherese Jackson (Virginia)


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