GTA V Creator Fills Gamers’ Bank Accounts With Goodwill

Rockstar Games Deposits $500,000

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Rockstar Games, the creator of Grand Theft Auto V (GTA V), announced yesterday it would fill gamers’ bank accounts with $500,000 after many complaints about the GTA V’s glitches when the game was released September 17.

Fans had to wait five years for GTA V so they were understandably upset when they encountered glitches and bugs on the website. Rockstar Games must have known they could rely on their fans’ loyalty so those who bought GTA V were going to be “reimbursed” for their loyalty one way or another. And the fans didn’t have to wait long for the GTA V creator to come up with a pretty good idea to placate them. The funds will be fully deposited into every buyer’s account over two days.

Rockstar Games released a statement on their blog Nov. 6:

“We expect that it will take up to 2 full days for the Stimulus Package to be fully delivered to the entire player base from October 2013, so please be patient if you do not see it appearing in your in-game bank account just yet. We will update this post on Friday when we expect all the GTA$ Stimulus Package deposits to have been completed.”

Gamer Reactions to the GTA V “Stimulus Package”

“Thanks for the $500.001”

“still getting time out alerts..
you guys can make the best game ever buy you can’t make a proper online game.
sad, very sad.
Is there a way to get my money back? Tired of this f**king bulls**t”

“Hi, Rockstar crew. Just wanted to let you guys know i received my 500.000 dollars stimulus package and spent 450.000 of it on a car (MONROE). A few moments after the purchase I received a text message letting me know my car had been delivered to my garage…the only problem is l NEVER RECEIVED the car and the money was still deducted from my account. My 2-car garage is god-damn-empty…”

William Reyes, an avid fan of GTA, said the stimulus package was necessary after the GTA V’s September release.

“I love the game and the stimulus package was actually well needed because of everything that happened from the release of the game,” Reyes said. “There were a lot of glitches and little bugs that needed fixing.”

The popular action-adventure video game is set in a fictional Southern California town, and has three protagonists. From the time of its release, sales of GTA V blew up. According to, GTA V currently holds seven Guinness World Records.

What Accounts for GTA V’s Popularity?

According to, GTA V’s popularity could be attributed to its excellent game design;  immense, elaborate setting; ability to break down boundaries;  and liberation from societal expectations and conventions. Plus? It’s just fun. Crazy, gleeful fun.

Reyes agrees, and says the anticipation of GTA V’s release was all the more enjoyable because of the long wait.

“I haven’t bought a new game in a while before this one,” Reyes said. “And the fact it was a long wait to [the] previous GTA [which] was also very fun.”

By Juana Poareo




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