GTA V Customization from Mobile Apps

GTA V iFruit AppMany GTA V players, with Windows based phones, rejoiced on Tuesday when a version of iFruit was launched for their Windows-based mobile phones. Now those users can join in with iPhone and Android mobile users everywhere, to allow customization of their in-game cars and to help train their dog, Chop, all via their free mobile app.

The name of the app, iFruit, goes by the same name as the phone used in the GTA V game, which is a clear parody of Apple’s iPhone. This mobile app will give you 3 main functions that will; customize your car, customize your license plate, and train your dog to be more helpful during game play.

Since if you don’t want to be the only person in the virtual city of Los Santos without a customized ride, try the iFruit app that will allow you to customize your GTA V game from any place with a mobile signal. The app allows a user to customize and accessorize your in-game vehicles by upgrading your suspension, exhaust, brakes and engine, as well as your body armor, tires, horns and lights.

If that’s still not enough to pimp out your ride, then you can choose from many wheels, hoods, spoilers, paint jobs, window tints and smoke colors. To top off the list of cool customization, you can create and reserve a custom license plate too.

All you have to do to receive your new customizations is to sign into the GTA V game and your order will be waiting for you to pick up. It’s just that simple. The mobile app and GTA V are both connected to the Rockstar Social Club, so you’ll need to create your membership account if you don’t have one yet.

If you want to make your virtual pet dog, Chop, a little more helpful within the GTA V game, fighting off gangs, sniffing out items, or just performing tricks, the iFruit app will help you train him. The app will allow you to walk him, pet him as well as water and feed him. You can even play a game of fetch or tug-of-war. But try and avoid too much activity with Chop, or you’ll risk playing him out, which will upset him.

The free app for iPhone was available a day ahead of the GTA V launch and an Android version was released a month later. Windows phone users can now download their copy of the app to keep up with their iOS and Android phone buddies. The app is rated “M” for “Mature” exactly like GTA V’s rating.

A few other mobile apps for GTA V are also available to help you with in-game play. Another app that’s available for iPhone is Lifeinvader, which is a spoof of the popular social media site, Facebook.

Lifeinvader will allow you to see some random profiles for some of the in-game characters and businesses. Some of the profiles are quite entertaining, so I recommend you have a look around and possibly stalk some profiles. If you stalk some businesses, they may just offer you some in-game discounts.

Lifeinvader will give you the ability to create a personal or group/gang page that may help you to gain stalkers and members of your own. Also, you can share Lifeinvader profiles via your real Facebook and Twitter accounts, or you can email a link to your real-life friends.

Just like the iFruit app, Lifeinvader will rely on you having a Rockstar Social Club membership.

If you’re looking for customization from within your GTA V game, be sure to check out some of the mobile apps that are currently available for your version of phone.

By Brent Matsalla

Mirror News UK

PC Mag


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