GTA V Grandma Attacks British Gas Virtually (Video)

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In by far one of the coolest videos to hit GTA V news, Youtube user GAMERGRAN87 posted a video of herself playing GTA V. She was pretty heated when she expertly manhandled innocent bystanders, accusing the virtual characters to be part of British Gas. Gamer granny was infuriated when she received her bill from the utility company with a 20 percent increase in costs. Wait no longer, the video is down below. With well placed punches and a fiery ending to a poor online character, gamer gran is aiming to release some pent-up anger.

*Warning – videos contain strong language, depicts GTA video games and may not be suitable for younger audiences.

Since the video is a first for the most awesome grandma, many are speculating if it could be the work of Johnny Knoxville behind the scenes. The GTA video aired one day after the release of Bad Grandpa. Knoxville sat down with Fox News before the Premier of the Bad Grandpa release. The elaborate pranks escalated the shock factor as Knoxville and his cutie-pie youngster co-star causes havoc at local events. Knoxville explains how the pranks played out and how he introduced himself to the stunned participants.

GTA V is a stunner of game, in just six weeks Rockstar has sold over 29 million copies. That is a mouthful! Considering the game is priced around $60,  the number received in sales is ridiculous for the super giant, controversial game maker. Now GTA V is branded by a grandmothers who allows her gaming flag to fly and drop profanities. Her well placed hits shows she knows exactly what she is doing and has done it before.

Do not expect cookies and milk from gamer gran, but she would be the favorite of many kids in the neighborhood with her spunk and ability to nab a copter. The release of GTA V has created the biggest controversy in gaming, well since its predecessor. While there are levels of critics against the game, no one can shun the success of Rockstar or its hoard of dedicated fans. This brings around the question if other grandparents enjoy the controversial games their grandchildren enjoy. That answer only takes a trip down the Youtube lane of videos.

It seems GTA V has no age ceiling to those who can enjoy the wacky world of game play that involves releasing some pent-up frustration. Playing any game, regardless it is a more innocent game such as RPG favorite Fantasy Fantasy to button-masher friendly Mortal Kombat or GTA, game playing is a great way to release stress. Everything, including gaming is recommended in strict moderation. With most things handled visually or technically, taking a break from the screen to enjoy a walk or time out with friends is always encouraged.

For now, it is pretty awesome to see grandparents sitting back and relaxing with technology they never experienced during their own childhood. They seem to embrace the curiosity and simple notion of just good, gaming fun. Whether it is to release anger over British Gas and their 20 percent rate hike, or just enjoy a brief laugh, GTA V seems to have gathered a new fanbase across the globe, breaking age conceptions. Have a grandparent who enjoys gaming with GTA? Reply down in the comments.


Written by Angelina Bouc

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