GTA V Mind-blowing Details and Cheats That Players Need to Know

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Players need to gain all the cheats they desire and witness all the mind-blowing attention to detail, in order to make GTA V an enjoyable game that offers many different things. For example, players can choose the kind of hospital best suited to their needs. Rockstar suggest the one with the biggest advertising budget, of course.

Players can also self-medicate from as much marijuana as they wish, from the hospital they have chosen. Afterwards, they can visit a health care program to receive therapy, which they will probably need after all that cannabis smoking.

There are plenty of fast cars to choose from and unlimited roads to get their engines roaring in the latest GTA. However, it has been advised to stay away from salesmen and instead choose a car from the online selections. As we all know, salesmen will do anything to get people’s money. Even if it involves ripping them off. Cars can also be customized to make it the “baddest” ride the city has ever seen.

Ever wanted a tattoo but were never daring enough to get something that lasted forever? If so, this game will fulfill all inner desires. Tattoo parlors can help players decide on a design and get it tattooed onto the body of their character. This will help them to fit in as they roam the city.

The video below provides access to the cheats that players need to know and the mind-blowing details that have gone into the game. It also demonstrates how to use the cheats after they have been accumulated, and enables players to get their hands on the list below.

  • Buzzard (Helicopter)
  • Commet (Car)
  • Sanchez (Bike)
  • Trashmaster
  • Limo
  • Stunt Plane
  • Caddy
  • Rapid GT
  • Duster
  • Parachute
  • Wanted Levels
  • Explosion Melee
  • Drunk Mode
  • Run Fast
  • Change Weather
  • Slow Mo (3 levels)

Players can enter the codes using the buttons on the Xbox 360 controller. They can do this either during a game, or when the screen has been paused. Once a cheat has been entered, players will not be able to win trophies or earn achievements until that session is over. Players can not use cheats when they are on a mission.

If the cheats have all been entered correctly, at the bottom of the screen on the right hand side, there will be a message telling you they have been enabled. These are the GTA V codes that you really need to know, in order to have the best gaming experience, and witness mind-blowing details.

The video below shows 41 of GTA V’s phenomenal details, and the reasons it is so different to other games.

GTA V drags you into the world of fantasy and becomes more than just a game. Engines cool down, characters make compliments, GPS navigation systems lose signal when entering a tunnel, players can change their character’s phone settings to vibrate, rather than having a ringtone and when wet, characters will make squelching noises. It is these little touches that make it obvious that the producers care about the experiences they deliver and they have certainly pleased their customers.

The game pulled in $800 million on its first day alone, and has already sold over 28 million copies, proving that people are more than satisfied with the production. Customers have expressed opinions that they did not think Rockstar could make the game any better. However, after playing GTA V they were overly impressed and thought Rockstar had outdone their previous efforts.

With the cheat codes listed above, gamers now have all the cheats they need to know to enhance their enjoyment whilst playing, and are aware of the mind-blowing details that have gone into making this game.


By Melissa McDonald