Heidi Klum Becomes Old Lady for Halloween


Heidi Klum becomes old lady for Halloween

Heidi Klum adores Halloween so much she decided to become an old lady for the celebration. After she did a lot of  public build-up about how she was going to dress and then proceeded to release a couple of mischievous and scary photographs of her sitting in a makeup chair, the Project Runway host lastly publicized her costume for this year on Halloween night, which was the evening of her yearly celebration.

Klum wrote beneath a photo of herself dressed up, “Happy Halloween” as she was in route to the event which was sponsored by Svedka at the high-end night club Marquee which is a major hotspot in New York City.

Heidi Klum, the German knockout, who is 40 years of age totally changed her entire body for the huge affair on Halloween, having completely realistic skin spots all over on her figure along with varicose veins that were visibly raised and were running along her legendarily lengthy legs. Her beautiful blonde hair had disappeared and in its place was an unattractive white, stringy wig. She truly had become an old lady for Halloween.

She also had made sure her face was unnatural, too. Her generally firm skin seemed to sag, and there were wrinkles covering over her chin, neck and forehead. She wore a necklace made of pearls, a printed blouse with a houndstooth suit. She topped off the costume by using a black cane to aid in helping her walk around the party scene, and Heidi Klum as an old lady for Halloween was set.

Extravagant get-ups are definitely a trademark of Heidi Klum and the old lady for Halloween was no different. From past years, she has changed herself into Cleopatra in 2012, went as an ape in 2011, became an alien in (2010, flew around as a crow in 2009 and was a Hindu goddess in 2008. She spoke about her fondness for excessive Halloween garments earlier in October.

Heidi explained how she put a lot of time and thought into each of the costumes she has worn and the old lady costume was no different. She said that she began pondering various ideas many months before Halloween ever arrived, and that she had an astounding makeup team who was able to create each of her outfits and they made the impossible become real. She explained that she did not have any sort of system for choosing a costume every year but that the idea just came to her. Her decisions are not of the last minute variety. They take months of preparation to get ready, and this old lady costume was no different.

Her party guests might want to keep something in mind. She would like for them to attempt to have better costumes than her. She stated she liked the “wow” factor and that it was so much fun for her to be looking at someone dressed up and for it to take her several minutes to figure out that person is one of her closest friends.

She said she took Halloween very seriously, and that she was not a fan of thrown-together outfits. However, she added that if someone is in a hurry, he or she can look around their house and see what they have. She stated that one may be surprised at what can be found.

Heidi Klum even mentioned the old stand-by of cutting two holes in a bed sheet and going as a ghost. But she explained she rather stay home than have a dull costume, and since she decided to become an old lady for Halloween, there was nothing dull going on there.

Written by: Kimberly Ruble

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