Hugh Jackman Treated for Skin Cancer

Hugh Jackman Has Treatment for Skin Cancer

It just goes to show that even virtually invincible super-heroes can have health problems, as Hugh Jackman has to be treated for skin cancer on his nose.   The Australian actor told the media on Thursday that doctors had diagnosed a mark on his nose as being a basal cell carcinoma, which are cancerous cells that grow on the skin’s surface.

Apparently past images of Jackman, 45, have actually clearly shown a slight brown mark on the bridge of his nose, but at the time, he had no idea why it was there or how dangerous it could be.

It turns out Jackman’s wife, Deborra-Lee Furness, was the one to tell him to get his nose checked out, as the mark worried her.  Jackman did, indeed, go the doctor and then posted a photo showing the bandage on his nose on Instagram after he had been treated.

Together with the photo is a caption, warning his 231,000  Instagram fans:

“Boy, was she right! I had a basil cell carcinoma. Please don’t be foolish like me. Get yourself checked. And USE sunscreen!!!”

Jackman has become one of the leading action stars in Hollywood, especially for the Wolverine character he plays in the X-Men films.  Hence even super-heroes can get sick and need to use sunscreen!

He also starred, and received an Oscar nomination, for his role in the recent  film adaptation of Les Miserables.  More recently, he is starring with Jake Gyllenhaal in the new drama, Prisoners (preview video included below).

The type of skin cancer experienced by Jackman is apparently one of the most common forms.  Reportedly more than 90 percent of US skin cancer patients have suffered from basal cell carcinoma.  The cancer can show as a waxy sore or bump on the skin and is attributed to long-term exposure to the sun.

While this form of skin cancer rarely spreads or metastasizes, it can disfigure surrounding tissue if left untreated.  In the case of Hugh Jackman, the thought of those manly features being damaged if just too much for us ladies to take.  Hence not only his wife, but also all his fans, applaud the fact that he had treatment for the skin cancer.

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While Jackman’s representative didn’t give much detail, he did say that the diagnosis came in the last couple of days.

There was a photo taken of Jackman backstage at the Broadway production of Big Fish on November 13, which clearly showed a small brown mark on his nose.

There have been no further updates on Jackman’s condition since, other than his remark on the Instagram post.

Apparently Jackman isn’t alone with his recent diagnosis.  Bruce Jenner, step-father to Kim Kardashian, has reportedly been struggling with skin cancer for years and has recently had a chunk of skin cut from his face.

Jenner is suffering from the same basal cell carcinoma as Jackman and also recommends being extra vigilant when out in the sun.  He encourages others to also wear sunscreen and get regular checkups.

So that is two well-known people in the entertainment scene, living la vida loca in the sun in Hollywood, who warn you to be careful when sunbathing, or you too could end up like  Jackman, being treated for skin cancer and a great big bandage on your nose into the bargain.

By: Anne Sewell


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