iPhone New Designs Include Larger Screens and Enhanced Devices

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There are new iPhone designs coming which include larger screens that have rounded glass and enhanced devices which  can perceive various levels of pressure, said an individual who is aware of the coming changes.

Two different models that are scheduled for release for the second part of 2014 would feature bigger displays that have glass which bends down at the boundaries, stated the person who refused to be identified because the details are not yet public. Sensors that can differentiate between light and heavy touches on the phone screen might be put into later models, the person explained.

Apple has broken with previous practices back in September when the company revealed two different versions of the iPhone at the very same time. They unveiled the iPhone 5s which was a more advanced version and the iPhone 5c which was listed at a lower price. This was used as an approach to send more interest to a larger market. Now it seems Apple is looking to introduce larger screens with enhanced specs.

In October, Samsung revealed their Galaxy Round which had a display that was curved. It was the most recent release from one of the leading manufacturers, priced competitively, a step that has allowed it to stay ahead of Apple in the worldwide market share.

The new iPhone models will have screen sizes of 4.7-inches and 5.5-inches. These newest phones would become the biggest iPhones that Apple has produced, the person stated. They would come close to the Galaxy size of 5.7-inches that Samsung Electronics released back in September.

The brand new Apple handsets are still being developed and any plans on them have yet to be completed. The person added that the company might be able to release the product around the end of next year or so.

Natalie Kerris, who is a spokesperson for Apple, refused to give any sort of comment.

When Apple broke their usual tradition, numbers revealed the iPhone 5s is in higher demand than its lower priced counterpart, the iPhone 5c. Manufacturing of the colorful $100 less option has started to slow down, the person stated.

Growth in revenue for the present quarter, which is usually Apple’s holiday sales time, might end up being the slowest since 2008, according to information that was based on the company’s financial prediction printed out in October. Samsung stated, also in October, that it thinks the shipment during this quarter’s growth percentage from the previous quarter will drop to a single digit percentage low from a 10 percent area that was during the preceding era.

Various types of testing goes on for the pressure delicate knowledge, which is not likely to be ready for the next iPhone release date and will probably be expected to come out in a later model. At least that is the plan, the person added

Apple’s development and testing of the newest technology continues its history of working with dealers to create new equipment which will boost device utilities. The first iPhone was released back in 2007 and provided touchscreen technology which was the most developed and advanced at the time.

Apple stated it would open up a new plant that would be located in Arizona, the plant would make apparatuses for its various products. A New Hampshire based corporation said that Apple would prepay over $575 million for heating systems to create materials used in their smartphones, with the iPhone creator receiving specific elite rights.

The iPhone new designs which include larger screens and enhanced devices sound like Apple is on the cutting edge of technology once again.



By Kimberly Ruble


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