Iran Officials State American Public Is Being Lied to About Nuclear Deal


Iran officials have reported that America is being deceived, and that the White House is lying to the public about the details surrounding the recent nuclear deal, which is meant to delay a breakout by several weeks.

Iran has come to an agreement that produces the “framework for an interim deal.” This was made over the weekend in Geneva with Western nations including the United States, but it has not yet been put in place.

Documents were produced by the White House which contained the agreed upon details of the nuclear deal. However, one official from Iran’s foreign ministry rejected the document. He stated that the terms of the agreement released were incorrect, and made accusations that Washington had leaked inaccurate information in order to deceive the American public.

Further claims by spokeswoman Marzieh Afkham, stated that in actual fact some of the details given completely contradicted the terms of the deal, and that the document released did not portray the true agreements that were reached. She said that “key details” had been modified to portray a version of facts differing from the actual contract.

The White House told the public that details were yet to be finalized, like the postponement of Iran’s nuclear activities. They also stated that they could not provide any further details about how long it will take, before the agreement is under way. This has raised concerns for Iran as to whether the deal, which has already been agreed upon, will truly be employed in the coming weeks.

IranRegardless of this, Iran has received the go ahead to continue with it’s enrichment program. This has been widely criticized, for the enrichment of Uranium could lead to the production of a nuclear breakout.

The executive of Christians United for Israel, David Brog, raised concerns that America may have been fooled by Iran, because this agreement could act as a way to boost the Iranian economy. It is possible that Iran will receive up to $7 billion during the first stages of the deal.

Saudi Arabia has also accused the U.S. of lying about Iran’s nuclear deal. Nawaf Obaid, a man who served as Saudi ambassador to the United States, and played an important role in Saudi Arabia’s intelligence service, said that many things had been hidden from them. As a result, they have become very suspicious about the intentions lingering behind the deal, especially as they were not part of the deliberation.

The deal will supposedly stop Iran enriching uranium above 5 percent, and states that its 20 percent stockpile has to be diluted or turned into oxide. Centrifuges (equipment) already in use can continue to operate. However, the centrifuges that are in place, but that have not yet been utilized, have to remain unemployed.

Iran officials have stated that the details released to the American public, only feed lies about the nuclear deal. The White House has implied that the agreements have not yet been finalized, and that they can not be sure when this will happen. The question left for everyone to anticipate, is why they have done this?

By Melissa McDonald