Jail Time for Alec Baldwin’s Alleged Stalker Sabourin

Jail Time for Baldwin’s Alleged Stalker Sabourin

A little over a year ago, actor Alec Baldwin, armed with 100 emails and saved voicemails, and witnesses to prove himself accurate; filed a complaint with the prosecutor’s office in Manhattan, New York, alleging that a woman named Genevieve Sabourin, 41, was stalking and harassing him.  The complaint resulted in the arrest of the French-Canadian actress, Sabourin, whereby she, not ceasing obsessive contact with Baldwin, received a charge bearing 23 counts of harassment and one of stalking. Today, while in day two of court proceedings, the State Supreme Court judge ordered jail time for Baldwin’s alleged stalker.

Amazingly, the jail time she received had nothing to do with the stalking charges; the jail time is due to her not knowing when to stifle herself during testimonies.  She frequently interrupted her own trial. This caused the Honorable Robert M. Mandelbaum to lose patience with her and to ultimately cite Sabourin for contempt. According to a court official, Sabourin is going to jail as soon as she completes testifying and is to serve 30 days for her contempt of court.

Sabourin, who probably never expected to plan for jail, maintains that she and Baldwin had a sexual relationship two years ago, and that Baldwin cheated on Hilaria with her. Baldwin insists that he did not have a romantic involvement with Sabourin. He stated that he had only had dinner with her once, to give her career advice.  Sources claim that Sabourin’s abundance of emails and excessive nightly phone calls to Baldwin went from “lovelorn and pleading” –to frightening Baldwin with the increased harassment and stalking that she carried out.

As reported previously, all day Tuesday, Sabourin persisted in her uncontained outbursts of screaming, yelling, and shouting at Baldwin and at his wife Hilaria as each one took the stand to testify against her. Sabourin called them liars and worse. And this, even after the judge continually warned Sabourin to be quiet, to stop interrupting the witnesses or he would hold her in contempt.  Scheduled to take the stand Wednesday, Sabourin behaved in the same way as she did yesterday, disruptive and unruly. Then, after hit with the current sentence of jail for 30 days, she responded by saying that she was “emotionally exhausted” and having “trouble understanding” what everyone was saying in court.

How doubtful that sounds, when Sabourin seemed to understand yesterday what Baldwin and Hilaria were saying while on the stand. During their testimony, she constantly yelled out at them, “You’re lying! You’re lying!” Today she continued her outbursts as the prosecutor’s witness, Baldwin’s doorman, took the stand to testify. Sources say that the doorman stated that on April 8, 2012, Sabourin endeavored to visit Alec Baldwin at his home, and that Hilaria Baldwin, not yet married to Baldwin at the time, alerted the doorman that this woman was stalking Baldwin and that Hilaria would phone the police. The doorman said that before Sabourin left the building that day, she called Hilaria “a bitch and a prostitute.”

Tempers weren’t flying in the courtroom only today or yesterday though. On Tuesday, reports said that while leaving court, Baldwin told a news photographer, “I hope you choke to death.” Today one wonders: with jail time for Alec Baldwin’s alleged stalker, is there a tiny corner in the actor’s mind where he maybe is guilty of cheating on his wife, Hilaria, with the Canadian actress Sabourin, and perhaps downright prefers that his stalker go to jail than to have this new scandal defeat him? Only time will tell…the case is not yet over.

By: Christina L. Ibbotson

New York Times

CBS News  


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