Jennifer Lawrence about Miley Cyrus Says Sex Sells

Jennifer Lawrence Dissing Miley Cyrus On English Television?

In a recent BBC Newsnight interview, it looked like Jennifer Lawrence was dissing Miley Cyrus on the English news program. Actually, Jennifer was just explaining her feelings about nudity and how sex sells in the entertainment industry. To be fair, Ms Lawrence never mentioned Miley by name, it was Newsnight host Zoe Conway who brought the 20 year-old pop star’s name up.

Not surprisingly, the 23 year-old star of The Hunger Games franchise responded to Conway’s question of young women’s sexualization in the entertainment industry with a fairly ambivalent answer. Lawrence has assumed the mantle of “girl-next-door” and all round fan favorite for her forthright and down to earth demeanor. The Katniss Everdeen actress is also still excited to be working in the industry and she is not afraid to show it.

The actress is as popular on YouTube for her “antics” in interviews and backstage at events where she never fails to bring a laugh to whatever situation she happens to be in. Despite her beauty and almost naive image, she is still a sex symbol of the highest order. Even though she evokes feelings of your best friends little sister, she is considered pretty enough to send pulses racing.

If you do not believe it, just type Jennifer Lawrence and the word naked (or any variation of disrobed appearance) and you will find it is a popular search term. Unlike Miley Cyrus, however, Lawrence does not flash a lot of skin about in front of the camera. In fact, when she is naked, as she was when portraying the villainous Mystique in X-men, she is covered with a mixture of latex and body makeup. No au naturale shots for Jennifer thank you.

So it seemed to make sense for Conway to ask Lawrence what she thought of her peers “letting it all hang out” in front of the camera. The follow-up question was if she was concerned at the sexualizing of young women in the entertainment industry. Jennifer talk about sex selling and without mentioning Miley Cyrus by name avoiding a possible feud with the Wrecking Ball singer.

Jennifer Lawrence revealed that she did not worry about using sex to sell herself. While recognising that it is part of the industry, she explained that sadly “sex sells.” She also revealed that she found young sex being used in this fashion was disgusting. But Lawrence doesn’t judge her fellow artists.

She explained that everyone has to make their own choices. Her take on Miley was little oblique, she said that some folks only feel sexy when they exploit their own sexuality. Lawrence said “to each their own'” but, she did not feel comfortable in that role herself. Just because that is not Jennifer’s style, she does not judge others in her peer group for choosing that path.

Ms Lawrence said that while she continues to play Katniss Everdeen in the Hunger Game films, she will make her career decisions based on the empowering character. She revealed that she is proud of her part in the films and the fact that Katniss is a positive figure that young girls can look up to.

The star was also concerned that Everdeen was be too thin in the films. She explained that being in the entertainment industry, made her aware that images projected on the screen were unobtainable in real life and she felt it was more important for her character to look strong and healthy rather than be stick-thin like a model.

Jennifer Lawrence was not dissing Miley Cyrus on English television per se, but, the Hunger Games star talked about Cyrus and how sex sells. The Hunger Games star is not one to judge or point fingers so she was not dissing anyone. She is perfectly comfortable with her own sexuality and does not need to do a “Miley Cyrus” to prove it. At the same time, she has not said that what Cyrus is doing is wrong, it is just how things work in the industry.

By Michael Smith
United Kingdom

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