John A.Gotti Jr. Was Stabbed in Apparent Dispute

John A.Gotti Jr. Was Stabbed in Apparent Dispute

The former New York mobster John A. Gotti Jr. was stabbed in an apparent dispute late Sunday evening on Long Island, sources have released to the public.

He supposedly went to a hospital and explained that he had been stabbed in the stomach around 9:45 p.m. in a CVS parking lot. He said he was attempting to stop a fight.

John A. Gotti Jr. is the son of the infamous late mob boss John Gotti.

The younger Gotti has been tried at least four different times for racketeering since the year 2005. Each trial has ended up with hung juries.

John Gotti Jr. took over for his father’s business but states that now he has nothing to do with organized crime. He says that he left it behind back in 1999. However, he would not inform the authorities of any details over the fight that he allegedly broke up which brought on his stabbing.

It is being reported that Gotti was polite and calm when he strode into Syosset Hospital and asked to be seen by a doctor.

He initially said that he was injured while trying to stop a fight between two strangers in a CVS parking lot.

An unidentified source said John A. Gotti Jr. was extremely uncooperative. He refused to give any other details when the police began to show up. He refused to say anything more so there were no leads for the investigators to track at that time.

There have been no further details given about his condition or the injuries he received.  However, they were severe enough for him to be transferred to another hospital in the immediate area.

John A. Gotti Jr. not only kept his mouth shut when it came to the police. He also allegedly has said nothing to his own attorney. When Gotti lawyer Charles Carnesi was asked about the incident, he claimed that he had not talked to his notorious client about it.

Since they have so very few leads to work with, the police will have to view surveillance videotape and also try to speak to any CVS staff in order to see if charges will be brought against anyone.

Out of all of John Gotti’s children John Jr. is the one that decided to follow his parent into the crime lifestyle. By the year 1982, John A. Gotti Jr. had already become an associate of the Gambino family, and when 1990 rolled around, he was now considered a “capo” in the group.

Victoria Gotti said back in 2006 she believed her late husband had pushed her son into the criminal lifestyle regarding the mob. She explained that she felt betrayed and alone.

She added that she raised their children by herself so her heart was broken when her son joined the mob after seeing her in such pain over his father. She said she had much rather have dealt with her husband cheating on her with other women than having to always handle him being away, sometimes for years at a time, dealing with the mob.

She added that when her son joined up with her husband, that made everything even worse. When she lost the younger Gotti to the mob life, it was almost more than she could take.

Now that John A. Gotti Jr. was stabbed in an apparent dispute, it almost became more than he was able to take, even if he did leave the life behind over a decade ago.


By Kimberly Ruble


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