Justin Bieber and Rihanna Have This in Common

Justin Bieber and Rihanna

Superstars Justin Bieber and Rihanna are huge fans of  arriving late to their concerts, and both equally thumb their noses at the idea of respecting and apologizing to the millions of fans that pay big bucks to empower these two dimwits with stupendous wealth and fame. Justin Bieber and Rihanna have this in common, and that isn’t cool at all!

At one time or another, everyone has arrived late to an appointment. We can blame it on traffic jams, or on getting lost on the way, or on remembering miles away from home that we forgot something important and had to turn around. If bearing any integrity, we would apologize to the party expecting us, and assure ourselves that we won’t make it a habit, ever, of being late to our scheduled appointments, because it shows inconsideration toward those waiting.

However, Justin Bieber and Rihanna, who are as human as the rest of us, continually show up late to their ticketed concerts. They display no integrity and it seem they have no plans to ever arrive on time to their scheduled performances. This has become incessant habit for Rihanna and “Monkey see, Monkey do” for Bieber.


What is good for the goose is not always good for the gandor!



It is appalling that Justin Bieber and Rihanna have no respect for the bankroll of money we place in their hands or for the praises given to them by the masses, both of which are undeserved. They seem to look down at their fans with disregard and contempt. Moreover, they are offended when their angered fans expect them to say they are sorry for being late, and for not promptly delivering what they were paid to do.

According to several reports, Bieber got a water bottle thrown at him by one of his fans that knocked his microphone onto the ground. Bieber was in Brazil to perform at his concert, promoting his Believe tour, and in the middle of singing his latest hit “Boyfriend,” when this wake-up call came hurtling onto the stage!  Well, what did Bieber expect, when he arrived “one hour and 20 minutes late” to his concert, to an arena already heated by fuming [paying] fans who further never received even the slightest apology from Justin Bieber for his insulting tardiness?

What we now suspect is that Justin Bieber, much like Rihanna, anticipated worship, applause, praise, and the [unhappy] crowd to favor the tardiness; you know: to shut up, and put up! Otherwise, Bieber would not have stormed off the stage the way that he did, without issuing even a farewell to anyone, and ultimately left his shocked fans robbed of the money and gig that they paid to see him perform. Now, if this brush-off isn’t bad enough, according to those same reports, following that “water bottle” incident, Justin Bieber further had the audacity to show up over three hours late for the “Meet and Greet” for which his darling fans paid up to $960 just to be around him for a few seconds.

Certainly, speculation has it that the fan who threw the water bottle at Bieber had only done so with no intention to hurt him but just to get to know him, according to multiple Tweets. That fan, although not any more classy than Bieber in that execution, definitely gave everyone the opportunity to get to know Bieber, all right! The Bieber, acting like a foolish protégé of Rihanna, is in the big business of “take the money and bounce!”

Perhaps not for long though; Justin Bieber may smarten up upon learning of news reports that Rihanna is being sued in Israel, in a class-action lawsuit brought by her fans for her “tardiness.” At some point, this was bound to happen, and might not end there but may expand and happen to Bieber as well. Apparently, Justin Bieber and Rihanna may also have this in common.

In that lawsuit, the disgruntled fan is seeking the huge sum of 3.7 million in “damages” plus 33% of his ticket price of $96. The damages, says the fan, are representative of the suffering of the whole audience.

There never is reasonable justification for either Rihanna’s or Justin Bieber’s tardiness. The only explanation for their behavior is their own utter arrogance and the other, less important distractions that they willfully prefer to entertain and drag out before showing up spitefully late to the sold-out arenas, packed with adoring fans and spectators that only pay to be let down by the ignorance of these two performers.

They each may have some measure of talent and even good looks that win them attention, but take away the masses of fans, the money that grew them and everything else that has delivered them this point, and what’s left? Justin Bieber and Rihanna have this in common: dishonorable tardiness, overinflated egos, and personal capacity worth nothing.

By Christina L. Ibbotson

The Telegraph

Atlantic Black Star 

Celeb Buzz 

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