Justin Bieber Is Racking Up Problems at Record Speed

Justin Bieber Is Racking Up Problems at Record-Speed

New story, different day: Everywhere that he goes, Justin Bieber is racking up problems at record-speed! Sometimes people gain problems that seem to come from out of nowhere, and that is understandable; we consider it out of our hands to control when that happens. In the case of world-famous Bieber, most of his problems are self-induced and not that amusing anymore.

Reports have it that Bieber traveled abroad in late October, supposedly to kick-off his Believe tour, and no sooner than he makes landfall in Brazil, what kicks-off is his immaturity and absolute nonsense. Imagine the income of this young man. Think of the stadiums or arenas that seat thousands and thousands of his glowing fans, all of which paid anywhere from $325 to $1,000 just to watch Bieber perform. Now, imagine the disappointment of all those fans when each one gets, for his and her money, the following experiences.

Incomplete shows; Bieber showing up one hour and 20 minutes late and does not apologize; in an undeserved tantrum, he storms off the stage and does not return. A “meet & greet” goes sour when Bieber shows up three hours late and does not apologize for that either. Bieber is uncovered at a brothel, paying two chicks $1200 each to party with him and his crew at his penthouse at the hotel and then alleges he did not know he was in a brothel. Bieber catches a charge in Brazil for vandalizing a building with his graffiti. Bieber is secretly filmed while asleep by a girl that somehow is in his hotel bedroom with him and posts the scandalous video on YouTube.

What else is Bieber doing to rack up problems at record-speed? Oh, yes, he then flies to Argentina, reports say, supposedly in continuation of his “Believe tour, Argentina Day 2,” as tweeted Bieber. He not only gets kicked out of Hotel Faena for drawing  tons of disruptive fans to the premises, but also abandons the stage, claiming to have “food poisoning” –after showing up to that concert an hour and a half late. That, but sources now also report that at one point Bieber’s crew members, with the juvenile star’s consent, assaulted a photographer and destroyed his camera.

Soon afterwards, TMZ shared a newly leaked video of the case of Bieber stealing a bicycle back in September while in Las Vegas. So,  Bieber’s problems did not begin in Brazil, but much earlier. He leaves a trail of unpleasant memories, for all of us to see just how childish the 19 year-old superstar actually is.

Really, Bieber, a young man so filthy rich as are you and you have to steal a bike? What wealthy person does something like this, especially in such an open, public place where video surveillance may capture you and make a laughing-stock of you, for your utter nonsense!

Perhaps Justin Bieber , who is not so pleasing anymore, should be made to refund every fan, with ticket stubs, his and her money for the wasted concerts and meets and greets to which he unapologetically showed up late. He should then purchase 10-million bikes and hand those out to the less fortunate kids; ideally, fans of his that cannot afford to see him live in concerts but must get glimpses of the star in the news misbehaving this way. Maybe this would serve as the wake-up call to Bieber that he should also “believe” in fair play and justice! As Beiber racks up problems at record speed, he may be losing fans just as quickly.

Editorial By Christina L. Ibbotson

USA Today


NY Daily News

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