Justin Bieber Mishandles Career and Fame

Justin Bieber Mishandles Career and Fame

At age 19, teen sensation Justin Bieber mishandles career and fame, and it appears that he can’t seem to shake the spotlight.  Every time Bieber turns around, he is in the news and caught acting in ways that make you look for the other shoe to drop.  While on tour in Brazil, news sources captured the singer’s “bad-boy” behavior, and all of the events now cause one to wonder if we gave the pitiful Bieber too much fame for him to handle.

Bieber arrived in Brazil at the end of October to kick off his international Believe tour, and already his public persona portrays him as an inattentive kid loose in a whirlwind of excessive media attention lured into daunting temptation while leading his elder entourage around like puppies on a leash.  Bieber pays his grown men to surround him, to “watch his back” and to fend off paparazzi and fans alike at his command.  Bieber’s hired help does the job, all right, but how well? The immature superstar barely even realizes the magnitude of his own success or even what he himself is doing.  The arrangement rings of the blind leading the blind.

That Justin Bieber mishandles his career and fame is an understatement  and what a shame that is.  As previously reported, Bieber arrived at his sold-out concert in Brazil one hour and 20 minutes late.  His fans were booing him when he finally showed face.  Bieber never apologized to his fans for making them wait; he simply took to the stage, as if no one mattered.  Amid singing his latest hit Boyfriend, someone in the unhappy crowd tossed a water bottle at Bieber and struck him.  Bieber’s reaction to this gesture was a glare into the audience; and offended by it, he turned around and dissed the show altogether by storming off the stage and not coming back.  All those fans paid mucho bucks for this sort of let down.  Later that evening, Bieber was to attend a meet and greet, for which his fans paid close to $1000 just to spend a few minutes with him.  Bieber made those paying customers wait more than three hours for him to show up and offered no apology for his tardiness.  Someone must be misguiding The Bieber, whispering sweet nothings at him, and puffing his celebrity ego so unreasonably that his valuable career is downplayed. Personal etiquette means nothing to him, and most of what we see is the kid being a kid inside an entertainment world too vast and heavy for him to handle properly.

Bieber, sun-kissed with natural attractiveness  and having more “boy-crazy” girls than he could ask for, regrettably was spotted instead at a brothel in Brazil, purchasing the company of two female escorts at $1,200 each. Speculation has it that Bieber was rounding them up – or rather renting – those escorts, to have them join him and his circle of overseers back at the penthouse for a wild party.  When asked by the media about his visit to the brothel, Bieber allegedly thought that he was at a members-only private club.  Do we hear an “Oops”?

All partied out, Bieber crashes for a few hours on an over-sized king bed; one would think safely with all the bodyguards at his disposal.  However, imagine his dismay when he awakes from that slumber and learns that the entire world now knows what he looks like when sleeping because some bikini swimsuit model with a bizarre need for five more minutes of fame filmed him in bed and posted the video on YouTube.

Yes, Justin Bieber is well on the path to destroy both, career and fame. He manages his life as a reckless leader and role model for upcoming, soon-to-be-famous new artists. Further, according to news reports, the Brazilian authorities were looking to charge Bieber with the crime of altering the face of a building with his graffiti.  Granted, while in Brazil, the authorities supposedly previously gave Bieber permission to draw his artwork on the side of a certain building; but Bieber, with too much undeserved power these days, took that privilege for granted.  Instead, to snub his fans and hide from them, Bieber went and discolored a different building with his spray paint. No one had given  him permission to cause this damage.  In that case, it is hard to tell who is the dumbest of the two dumb ones: the authority figures, blinded by all the Bieber bling-bling, or the inept businessman, Bieber, who proves he is too immature for this career and mishandles his own fame.

By Christina L. Ibbotson

Hollywood Life