Kanye West ‘Bound 2’ Video Parody: You’ll Never Guess Who Plays Kim

Kanye West, Kim Kardashian, entertainment, reality showKanye West’s recent Bound 2 video, starring a topless Kim Kardashian, has been remade and you’ll never guess who plays the part of the hot girl on the bike. Did you guess Seth Rogen? Didn’t think so.

That’s right; Rogen takes off his shirt and straddles the bike, recreating every shot of Kardashian’s lusty performance. James Franco plays the Kanye to Rogen’s Kim, and although he is not quite as shocking, he is no less funny. No word yet if anyone is offended by him mouthing the n-word in the song, but considering it is still Kanye’s voice on the video, and the intentions are purely comedic, it will probably pass.

For those who are not familiar with the original (watch both below) it is a work, as is most of Kanye’s recent production, of complete excess. Grand, cheesy, sexy, provocative, stupid and great. It is all of these things, but undeniably the real allure is watching Kanye and Kim interact together on the screen. At one point Kanye gives her a scowl and tells her, through the song of course, that he will turn this plane around if she keeps complaining.

As lustrous as the original is, the remake is equally outrageous. What most viewers immediately take away from a viewing is how sensual and seductive Kim Kardashian is in the video. Remember she is topless for most of the video and is always clinging longingly to Kanye. In hindsight it seems so obvious Rogen and Franco would gravitate towards it.

Rogen and Franco hold nothing back: the longing looks into each other’s eyes; the suggestive jostling of the bike. Oh, and yes they kiss more than a few times. Rogen is spot on. Yes, he is topless for the full video and his stomach and back hair are on full display. His glances and heavy breathing are so funny you can barely remember who was on the bike in the original.

Franco is just as good. Wearing a similar outfit as Kanye donned in the original, Franco pulls it off by appearing sloppily put together compared to West’s urban hipster look. Sometimes his facial expressions are a bit over exaggerated, but watch the original; he’s only copying the master.

Rogen and Franco’s impersonations of Kanye and Kim in their “Bound 2” video are not only hilarious they are sure to spurn numerous spinoffs of the spinoff.

The lyrics to the song are overtly sexual and Rogen and Franco adjust to them hilariously. Clearly the song was meant to be some sort of strange declaration of love and intimacy, but there has been no word yet as to what Kanye thinks of the parody. Judging by the way he reacted to Jimmy Kimmel’s parody of one of his interviews, however, one can assume he will not look on it favorably.

There is also no word as to what Kim thinks of being reflected in a topless Seth Rogen. It is not a flattering comparison, but maybe she will show an enlightened sense of humor.

The video was made on the set of the new movie The Interview, which will star both Rogen and Franco. Who knows when that free time turned into this crazy idea, but miming Kanye and Kim’s roles in the “Bound 2” video turned into comedic gold for both Rogen and Franco.

By Nick Manai



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