Kelly Clarkson Says It is a Girl

Kelly Clarkson Says It is a Girl

Just as Kelly Clarkson had announced that her Christmas television special guests would include some pretty impressive stars, she also let the world know that she is expecting her first baby. She says it is a girl, or at least, she “feels” that it is. According to Clarkson, this will be the beginning of a large family.

The American Idol fan favorite, who won at the end of season two, is getting ready for her Christmas television special titled Kelly Clarkson’s Cautionary Christmas Tale on NBC. The 31 year-old singer/songwriter revealed that the guests on her holiday special would include Robin Williams, Whoopi Goldberg, Heidi Klum and William Shatner, Danica Patrick, Jay Leno, Blake Shelton, Reba McEntire and Trisha Yearwood. All in all a pretty impressive lineup and it looks like Kelly’s Christmas special will be pretty exciting with all of that major talent on hand.

Another thing that Clarkson has to be excited about is the news of her pregnancy. Kelly took to Twitter to let her fans, and the rest of the world, know that she is pregnant with her first child. Things are moving very fast for the newlywed as she was only married four weeks ago to Brandon Blackstock. Blackstock is a Nashville talent manager and stepson of country singer/songwriter Reba McEntire, who will be one of the guests on Kelly’s special.

Only three weeks ago, the mother-to-be was taking part in a radio interview where she said she wanted babies and to be pregnant for Christmas. Looks like she got her wish. Of course Kelly has been taking a motherly hand in raising Brandon’s children from a earlier relationship, a 6 and 12 year-old. Clarkson said previously that she had never imagined being a mother as she was “kinda selfish” in terms of her career.

She did reveal that she liked doing the “soccer mom” thing with Seth and helping Savannah with her homework. Clarkson explained that she wanted at least “two more” children. Her rationale for the increased family size was that when she was growing up she was a “kinda alone.” Kelly admitted to being a “loner” even now and she doesn’t want her kids to be alone like she was.

When Kelly got engaged to Brandon, she took to Twitter to tell her fans about how happy she was. Now, just a short time after she and her new hubby tied the knot she’s tweeting about her latest good news. On Clarkson’s Twitter profile, the page boasts of her first Christmas album and now with the tweet about her early Christmas present, she must feel like very excited about extending her little family.

It sounds like Kelly wants a huge family and she is getting started early. The singer told one follower on Twitter that she wasn’t very far into her pregnancy and that it would be awhile till she would know just what the baby gender the baby would be. Although, Clarkson says she “feels” it is a girl, she did admit that it would be a couple of months before she knew for sure. We would like to congratulate Kelly on her exciting news.

By Michael Smith
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