Kim Kardashian Posts New Photos of Baby North on Instagram

Kardashian is a Happy Mama but is West Right to Draw the Line?

A first-time mother can be forgiven for wanting to show off her first baby to the world, especially if it’s someone as famous as Kim Kardashian. On Tuesday, Kardashian posted new photos of baby North on Instagram.

The five-month-old North (affectionately dubbed “Nori” by Kardashian and family) looks like a typical happy, smiling baby in the two photos posted by mama Kardashian. Thus far, there are four public photos of North, and father Kanye West reportedly wants to keep it that way.

Where Kardashian seems happy to display her life on the E! family series, “Keeping Up with the Kardashians,” West does not appear to want North to be on Kardashian series. Both Kardashian and West seem to have different sentiments about the paparazzi; Kardashian courts attention while West tries vainly to maintain some semblance of privacy. But it seems his desire for privacy has intensified since becoming a father. It’s as if he finds the paparazzi even more intrusive than before, and he’s become like a papa bear where Kardashian and North are concerned. Not that anyone can blame him because the paparazzi can be far too intrusive and disrespectful of Kardashian’s and West’s personal boundaries (Princess Diana, anyone?).

How will both Kardashian and West reconcile their differences where their privacy is concerned? Kardashian and West have been offered hefty paychecks to sell more photos of their daughter but West reportedly won’t have it. If Kardashian had her way, there would be photos of North all around the world and back again. What sort of effect will this have on the Kardashian/West baby in the long run?

According to a 2009 research study, “Children of Famous Parents: An Exploratory Study” published by the International Journal of Human and Social Sciences, famous people such as Kardashian and West who are under the careful watch of the public can unconsciously extend their insecurities and hunger for public acknowledgement to their children. Thus, children may learn to accept the fame and hunger for attention as their own. Like Kardashian and West, North may be put on a pedestal by the public, and if she falls short in any way, North’s self-esteem could possibly suffer.

In the study, actress Carrie Fisher, daughter of actress Debbie Reynolds, said:  “I had an excessively public childhood, when I was less than a month old I was already featured in the press …and it hasn’t really stopped ever since.” Fisher became an actress in her own right, most famous for playing the iconic Princess Leia in the Star Wars films, but her life was overshadowed by her parents’ tempestuous family life (her father is the late singer Eddie Fisher, who left Fisher’s mother to marry Elizabeth Taylor).

In the prominent film that explored actress Joan Crawford’s dark side, Mommie Dearest-based on the autobiography of the same name written by Crawford’s adopted daughter Christina Crawford-the elder Crawford’s public image was at odds with her personal life. The movie showed the dark side of fame, which, for Joan Crawford, induced her to drink heavily. This could be a cautionary tale for Kardashian and West.

Whether North will be affected in this manner is too soon to tell but Kardashian and West appear to have a solid family foundation, which is a good beginning for any child, famous or not. Kardashian has plenty of support from the close-knit Kardashian clan.

By Juana Poareo


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