Lady Gaga and Her Unorthodox Attitude

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga is a classic example of a star that blew up in popularity because of her unorthodox, as well as at times controversial style and attitude. Although she has since let the stardom go to her head, and believes she is something much more special than she really is even though her fad has come and gone. She is currently in a laughable “beef” with online celebrity gossiper Perez Hilton, because she is upset with the opinions he has shared of her. The way I see this though, is that she’s only shot back at him because his opinion carries more weight amidst the pop culture scene than most. When in reality he’s just another person talking about subjects that interest him, and since many people are interested in hearing what he has to say, she wants him to be silenced in an effort to stop any damage that could be done to her reputation. Which I suppose is understandable, but she’s brought most of the criticisms she gets upon herself. She was once idolized for her “out there” and abstract approach to the entertainment industry, but now that the trend has worn off and people see through her mild attempts at being strangely peculiar, or “incomparable”, she’s starting to be viewed as just an odd duckling, and she doesn’t like the fact that people are calling her out on it now.

Even Madonna has shared that she’s not a fan of her recent antics, although Lady Gaga stated that she “Doesn’t care that she doesn’t like me”. Now in most cases it’s good to not take other’s words too seriously, but when someone of Madonna’s magnitude within the music industry has less-than-nice words to say about you, you’re probably doing something wrong. Madonna is, and has been atop the music, entertainment, and fashion industries for a very long time, and for a reason. Lady Gaga just dismissing her as just another hater is a mistake. If anything it would have been a good idea for her to have reached out for advice, rather than to letting her ego take over and blindly making her think that she’s above anything that a superstar like Madonna has to say.

I myself do not hate, or even dislike Lady Gaga, I just believe she’s been misguided by those who surround her within the industry, and has false beliefs about herself that need to be straightened out. If you aren’t humble, people are going to point it out. Someone is not a hater just because they have negative things to say about you, they are simply sharing an opinion, something everyone has the right to do. A hater is someone who looks at the accomplishments of others and decides to put them down out of envy, because they haven’t amounted to anything great themselves, a hater is someone with unrealized potential who makes them self feel better about their inactivity rather than finding their own path. So I disagree with anyone claiming that Madonna is just hating on Lady Gaga, since she’s much more experienced along the same path as Lady Gaga, and has a much better understanding of how to maneuver through the entertainment industry, all the while staying relevant. So if anything, Lady Gaga could learn a few things from her.

By Brandon Webb


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