Lady Gaga Reaching Farther Than Ever Performing From Space

Just another day in the life of Gaga?

Lady Gaga

Well, we already knew Lady Gaga was “out of this world,” but in 2015 she will be reaching farther than ever by performing from space as part of the Zero G Colony Music Experience festival aboard a Virgin Galactic shuttle. The Zero G Colony Experience music festival is a three-day event. At dawn of the third day of the festival Lady Gaga is set to launch into space for a special performance along with her glam team. Flights on the Virgin Galactic ship average about $250,000 a pop, mere pocket change for the pop star, I am sure.

Lady Gaga known for her crazy antics on stage in the past has no doubt gone to new heights, pun intended, with this one. Though she is not the first musician to sing in space, she will probably be the first do it with her traditional Lady Gaga flare. The Virgin Galactic, will be shuttling Lady Gaga for her journey to reach farther into space for her performance. The Virgin Galactic AKA The Spaceship Company was founded in 2004 by business mogul Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin Group. The Spaceship Company was originally designed to assist NASA, eventually becoming a way for people to experience zero gravity, I wonder if they had really intended it to be a stage for the likes of Lady Gaga. Granted this is only the plans as Virgin Galactic may not yet be operating in time for the performance to take place at 100 km in space.

Die hard fans are probably not that surprised and most likely find this just another day in the life Lady Gaga. While others are probably shaking their heads and hope that the shuttle manages to leave the ‘”star” in the sky, leaving all of down on Earth breathing a collective sigh of relief. Often viewed as artistic in the modern world, others find her outrageous and just annoying. No one argues that she must be doing something right to gain such fame, not just in her music career but also in being an activist, philanthropist, fashionista, and actress. Considered a role model to her most devout followers or better known as her “Little Monsters” as she refers to them, no one is real sure what kind of role she may be representing, since she seems to woman of contradictions. Lady Gaga always manages to keep her audiences guessing as to what she will have next up her…sleeves.

Preparations are under way as the diva will be vocal training for a month before the event. I mean, how hard could it be to belt out a song floating weightlessly in space, right? Currently the pop icon will be busy promoting her latest album ARTPOP. So, besides promoting albums and making appearances, we can all look forward to this no doubt scintillating escapade of Lady Gaga as she reaches farther than ever by performing from space. Oh, Mother Monster, you never cease to surprise (or scare the bejeebus) all of us. Fan or not, I am sure everyone is curious to see this feat really happen. Kudos Lady Gaga, we are all watching to see what crazy thing you will do next to entertain us. Who knows it could leave us all with our jaws dropped and dragging on the floor or very likely shaking our heads in disbelief, either way mission accomplished. Well done Miss Diva of the Universe, literally, well done.

By Teidi Bishop


The Independent


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