Los Angeles Man Darwin Velva Vanishes While Walking Dog

Los Angeles Man Darwin Velva Vanishes While Walking Dog

Darwin Velva disappeared, Tuesday night, November 19, 2013 at around 9 p.m. while walking his brown Labrador retriever named “ Coco.” Darwin mysteriously pops up at the police station earlier today, Friday, November 22, virtually unharmed. Does this seem like the work of amateur criminals to anyone else? Wait the story gets better.

Darwin lives with his fiancé Kelly McLaren, the two of them where scheduled to testify in court on Thursday for a high profile case, involving actor Nicolas Cage’s ex- girlfriend Christina Fulton’s house and a burglary that took place there back in April, they were said to have witnessed. Starting to piece this thing together yet?? Keep waiting it gets even better…

The accused Ricardo Orzoco is on his third-strike, if convicted he faces 25 years to life in prison. Orzoco’s other charges included sex-with a minor, theft and other robbery cases. The most interesting and to me case defining attributes in this debacle, lie in the fact the Mclauren, Velva, and Orzoco all know one another.

Ahh, yes, and there’s the rub!

On Thursday, while Velva was “missing”, a police detective testified that before any break in, Velva, his fiancée and Orzoco all met with an attorney named Martin Singer, a former detective of Charlie Sheen. During the encounter they spoke of knowing of some “sex-tape,” involving Sheen, one I doubt anyone would want to see, but one that most likely would gain them a lot of money if they did have. However, they told Martin they didn’t have it, he told them he would only talk to someone who has the tape.
Sounds like a motive?

In April during the break in, computers, and other items are said to have been stolen from Fulton’s house.

Next, Mclauren takes the stand on Thursday only to invoke her 5th amendment rights not to testify, and also declines all statements about why she suddenly chose to not say anything, and pretty much turned mute for the duration of the hearing. It does beg the question “Why the change of heart?”

Let’s jump back to Velva’s disappearing act, Velva leaves the house in southern California, with his dog, later that night the dog returns by itself, with his tale between his legs, and blood on its leash. It’s hilarious to me, like a bad movie or something. Police officers, as usual are taking their time finding out whose blood it is, but have confirmed it to be human blood. Come on its the LAPD what can we expect?

To me it’s more than clear that the couple and Orzoco are all involved in the burglary. What’s un-clear is if it was Nicolas Cages former girlfriend, Christina Fulton, who has, or had possession of some Charlie Sheen sex tape?

Either way it seems Velva has only incriminated himself even more by missing his court appearance, and of course the defensive would advise his fiancée to keep her mouth shut air tight. This case is one with many layers and I’m sure many more will be uncovered in the weeks to come.


By  Merceds Thomas


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