Manchester United’s Giggs Shows No Signs of Slowing Down

Manchester United’s Giggs Shows No Signs of Slowing down.

Manchester United has a true golden oldie in Ryan Giggs. The man is a legend of the game and one of those footballers many people love to love. He is a true gem and one that is showing no signs of slowing down.

Giggs, a native of Wales, was born in the city of Cardiff on the 29th of November 1973. He was actually born Ryan Wilson but adopted his mother’s maiden name after she remarried when he was just around 16 years old. He was offered the chance to play football professionally on his 17th birthday and became a footballer at Manchester United. This was in 1990. He was brought in and tutored by the legendary Manchester United manager, Sir Alex Ferguson. That was the start of something special and the rest, as they say, is history. His emergence came around the same time as the signing of Eric Cantona and that served as a cocktail for dominance for Manchester United for many years.

Ryan Giggs has also been different off the football pitch. He almost single handedly revolutionized the image of British footballers in the 90s by staying away from too much attention and not getting carried away on the euphoria of being a public figure. He dodged the media as much as he could. Speaking on how he envisaged the day of his 40th birthday turning out, Giggs had replied that he would just stay in bed. That just about summarizes the Manchester United legend more. He led a quiet life off the football field. He has managed to dodge everything prima dona about life and stay away from the attention as much as he can. For all his clean cut image however, there was controversy a while back when he was accused of having an affair with his brother’s partner. Being the person he is, his quiet persona probably aided in letting the controversy die down, the Giggs’ way.

Not many players ever make it to the top to have a successful career. Many have cashed in on a decent season and gone on to have unsuccessful spells at other clubs. Ryan Giggs has not only gone on to have a successful career at the top, he has gone on to become the most decorated footballer to ever ply his trade in England’s top league. Easily considered the most glamorous football league on earth, not many players stand out more than Ryan Giggs in terms of being recognizable.

Many will claim to have helped Giggs along the way but none more so than Manchester United, the club he calls home. When asked by his old Manchester United team mate Gary Neville where he considers home, he found it difficult to choose between Cardiff and Manchester. He affirmed the fact that all his family was back in Wales but he still called Manchester home. There can arguably be any other reason why the proud Welshman can call Manchester home apart from his club Manchester United.

Manchester United has been one of the dominant forces in football over a good while. It the perfect marriage, in football terms, of of a top player meeting a top club. Ryan Giggs is a legendary artist and Manchester United is his canvas.

Many rivalries exist in the English Premier League but greatness is always recognized and should be respected. In a world where loyalty counts for nothing, a person who has given over two decades to one club is always going to be celebrated. Hats off and a happy birthday to Manchester United’s Ryan Giggs, who shows no signs of slowing down.


By Olajide Jatto


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