Marvel Comics Craze is Contagious Not a Bad Thing At All

Not just a paper book anymore

Marvel Comics

Careful, it is contagious; the spread of the Marvel Comics craze infects millions of people of all ages, and that’s not a bad thing at all. Remember back when you used to go to dingy comic book stores and leaf through stacks upon stacks of paper comic books while snapping your bubblegum on a Saturday afternoon? Good times. Since its beginning in the 1930’s under other publications, Marvel Comics really came into being in the early 60’s. Recently The Walt Disney Company acquired Marvel Entertainment, ultimately spreading the craze of Marvel Comics into a multi-million franchise as it grew from paper, to television, to video games and the big screen.

No longer only appealing to the hardcore comic book geeks, Marvel reaches out the younger generation with clothing and toys. Marvel superheroes saturate  markets all over the world. Cosplay, comicons, and little shops still support the comic junkies everywhere, helping one nerd at a time get their fix. More and more, the entertainment industry is releasing new Marvel Comic films, re-releasing remakes of Marvel classics, and introducing television series featuring Marvel superheroes. Marvel has even branched out to theme parks and role-playing games.

Marvel Comic lovers will be catching the craze as Thor: The Dark World was released in the Theaters earlier this month to the newest The Wolverine movie starring the yummy Hugh Jackman. A possible remedy could be that of the new Marvel Comic series Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D – featuring many of Marvel’s favorite heroes – seen on ABC. Video gamer and geeks alike are sitting at their  gaming console of choice, hashing it out as their favorite hero; bashing the protagonists one punch or laser gun blast at a time. It seems everywhere one looks you see Marvel characters, and much to a nerd’s delight they can tap into their secret (or perhaps open) love of the superhero world. Let’s face it; it is not for little kids anymore, folks – adults love it as well! Their is no longer shame for wearing your favorite worn out Wolverine T-shirt four out of seven days a week. Wear it proud, you deserve it. Girls are not excluded as we love Marvel Comics too! And yes, we actually read the comics, watch the movies, and even play the video games. And we don’t mind sporting our special hero on our panties. Hang on, guys wear them too!

The world’s populous  can thank Marvel Comics craze for it is acceptable contagion and the medicine that eases it. Marvel started the infection with such comics as The Avengers and The Fantastic Four to the ones we all know and love today. As the media for Marvel Comics has spread, the infection so contagious that no one is safe. Luckily the only antidote is easy to come by, it is everywhere, and thankfully easily accessible to everyone! It’s as easy as turning on your television, popping the disc into your gaming console and picking up your controller, or going to the movie theater. Everyone should get a good dose of Marvel whether it be Spiderman, The Hulk, or Captain America.

By Teidi Bishop

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