Miley Cyrus Gets High For Attention

Miley Cyrus Gets High with Friend

In another outlandish attempt to get the attention and disapproval of mothers everywhere, Miley Cyrus lit up a joint on stage, getting high and getting the attention she so craves.

The dooby session took place during the MTV Europe Music Awards, proving that there is no awards show on planet Earth that can escape from Miley Cyrus’s show stopping antics.

Miley Cyrus’s show was an out of this world “space theme”, opening up the performance with her hit single We Can’t Stop, sporting a silver spandex suit, and of course, twerking the hell out of whatever was closest to hear, including a dwarf. Yes, you heard me, a dwarf.

Miley Cyrus’s performance once again stole the show, outdoing much anticipated American acts such as Eminem and Katy Perry, who next to the budding diva could hardly gain a moment of attention.

In her European Music Awards performance, she also donned a pair of earphones with painted on marijuana leaf emblems during her performance of Wrecking Ball.

The performance could have landed her a hefty fine or even jail time in most countries, but her stunt was strategically scheduled to happen in the Netherlands, where marijuana use is tolerated. While it may not be legal, in Amsterdam and around the country, the plant is sold openly in cafes, and smokers are rarely prosecuted for carrying small amounts.

Miley Cyrus’s latest stunt of to get attention has put the nail in the coffin of her past image as child star Hannah Montana, the double life leading pop star of Disney’s hit series. It is reported Miley Cyrus arrived in Amsterdam early to scope out the beautiful and majestic Dutch architecture of the centuries old city- and also to get high at some local coffee shops, including the Greenhouse coffee shop, along with several other celebrities.

Not only was the show itself a spectacle of an extremely unabashed and public coming of age hysteria- her pre-stage antics once again prove that Miley Cyrus will do anything to be considered a sexually active adult.

Before taking to the stage, Miley Cyrus tweeted a photo of her topless in the shower, tweeting “I got that shower time showerrrrrr time selfiiiiie. (A la lana del ray) #happyemas,” I’m sure Lana Del Ray is thrilled with the reference.

This happened only hours before she was set to take the red carpet.

The innocence shed is now a distant past, shadowd by Miley Cyrus’s young but alarmingly promising career as an adult pop star. As if her scantily clad attire and outrageous hairdos were enough to send the Disney kids and their mother’s packing, her latest public display of drug use before a live audience should be enough to get the message across. Miley Cyrus is not Hannah Montana, and she never will be again.

So kids, looks like reruns of Hannah Montana are what’s in order, because we shouldn’t expect the new Miley Cyrus to go anywhere near something that reeks of such childhood innocence ever again.

The European Music Awards is set to rebroadcast in the states later Sunday night.

by John Amaruso

USA Today
NY Daily News

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